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Ante Vojnovic

Light is a fluid


Light artist Ante Vojunovic, the original landscape


When you meet Ante Vojunovic's work, you sometimes feel the euphoria of a soft, intimate hug, or the quiet but intense loneliness of a flash. Why is that?


Ante Vojunovic spent most of his childhood and adolescence in North Africa with his father and two older sisters, an electrician.

A wandering life with a family in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, called Maghreb, a country where the sun rises.

In the endless Sahara Desert, he was fascinated by finding only one change in the monotonous scenery.

Sunlight, moonlight, candles and lantern lights in the tent at night.


And the idyllic scenery around my grandmother's house, which is farming in central France, which I often visited on my father's vacation.

His pleasure, always playing alone, is to imagine and delusion.


As an adult, Ante boarded an Army ship, became a cook from an engineer, and traveled around the sea. I heard that there is something.

Impressive is the exterior wall of the white lime house that reflects off the sun.


For Ante, the flow, sparkle, and shimmering original landscape itself, along with the memories born in the various natures of those different lands, may be the origin of his creation.

It may be the world of abstract light images formed in a film of nostalgic memory.


We may be looking at his work, bundling the light of each memory.

Nao Masaki

Ante Vojnovic

Born 1942 on the west coast of France / Lives in Japan since 1997

Spend your childhood in Maglev (North Africa) and grow your imagination in farms, wilderness and deserts

Volunteer for the 18-year-old Army and sail around as a submersible engineer

After working as a cook and designer of fashion accessories, became a sculptor in 1975.


2014 Light Sculpture “A Little Nagi” Hotel Andaz Tokyo (Tokyo)

Held many solo exhibitions mainly in Europe, North America and Asia

1985 Solo Exhibition "Between Two Chairs" Espace Armani (Milan)

1983 Solo Exhibition "Quietly" Bits and Piences (Zurich)

1981 Solo Exhibition "Everything is Light" Saks Fifth Avenue (USA)

1980 Solo Exhibition "Water Line" Center Georges Pompidou (France)

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