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Woodwork Hiroto Nakanishi   (1984-)



The form of life in silence


From the first time I saw Mr. Nakanishi's work, I was amazed at his outstanding sense and skill.

He was just twenties. Even if he borrow the beautiful shape of Li Dynasty or a small jar, the ability to select and identify the trees that are there depends on his ability.


I think it is a big evolution that a group of works [wood blocks] that show the process of revealing the shape of Nakanishi appeared in this exhibition .


There, the sensibilities of woodworkers and Midwestern people face each other and stare at them. The sensibilities of the creator and the overwhelming bare presence of the material are overflowing just because it is held in a minimalist form .


When you touch the trees, smell them, and stare at them, you will feel the quiet and powerful spirit of walking in the forest.


Nao Masaki

​Hiroto Nakanishi

Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, lives in northern Shiga Prefecture. Learned woodworking and started making furniture. Opened a workshop in 2008 and continued to work by looking at the materials. Moved to Shiga prefecture in the fall of 2011.


<Solo exhibition>

2014 "That figure"

2015 "elephant"

<Special Exhibition>

2012 "Face KATACHI"

2013 "something new, with feel art 10"

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