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Hiroto Nakanishi

Its appearance


The quiet, profound and beautiful work of the Midwestern people, which fills the entire space.

It is a sign of the shape of life that the decaying trees speak silently.


This is the first piece of furniture made from a single block of wood.

If you look closely, you can see the time and individuality of the trees themselves before the word "material".


The figure created from rotten logs.

Facing, staring, pulling out, pulling out, its appearance.

The aged material is like a strict but gentle teacher

The annual rings carved on the body and the rotten uro are generously shown.

Young people obediently and rigorously clear themselves as guided and taught, select their beauty, and

I scoop up the humble, simple and quiet vessels of yesteryear.


"I'm just cutting out what I think is beautiful right now and putting it in, but it's not yet spiritual," said the Midwestern.

It was remembered that Kenji Miyazawa chanted in a passage of the introduction to farmer art that "the quest is already the way."

The appearance of a 29-year-old young man walking and the perspective he finds in the face of each other are refreshing and already beautiful.

For that reason, Nakanishi's works always have a pure beauty, while having a skilled atmosphere created by advanced techniques.


I feel the sincere work that is not in the technical skills that I have already accumulated, and moreover, I feel the high sensitivity and the overflowing heat, I foresee the future of this young artist, and I feel the present (Ima) that I can witness here. I felt shivering.

Nao Masaki

Hiroto Nakanishi

Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, lives in northern Shiga Prefecture. Learned woodworking and started making furniture. Opened a workshop in 2008 and continued to work by looking at the materials. Moved to Shiga prefecture in autumn 2011


At Gallery NAO MASAKI 

<Special Exhibition>

2012 "Face KATACHI"

2013 "something new, with feel art 10"

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