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Sadaharu Horio Solo Exhibition@VAGUE KOBE

Artist Sadaharu Horio, who passed away in 2018 just before his 80th birthday, was a member of the Gutai Art Association from the mid-1960s and was born and raised in downtown Kobe. This last project of his, "A Tale of 1000 GO 1000 Pictures", a series of paintings on a thousand scrap wood panels, is a full expression of his painting skills and natural talent, backed by his daily contemplation and activities. We are looking forward to presenting them to you in the beautiful space of VAGUE KOBE.



Sadaharu Horio_ A thousand painting made from scrap wood


Chartered Building 3F, 9-2 Kaigan Dori, Kobe, Hyogo prefecture, Japan

Date:2023/12/1-2024/1/15 (12/26~1/4 is closed)

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