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Represented Artist Lintalow Hashiguchi’s “so many life, so many death” is published and now on sale

 Lintalow Hashiguchi's first art book, 'so many life, so many deaths', has now been published by PARCO. The book provides an overview of Lintalow Hashiguchi's work to date and includes a long interview with Fumio Nanjo. The book can be purchased at Lintalow Hashiguchi's solo exhibition "so many life, so many death" currently being held at Gallery X, B1F, Shibuya PARCO, and on the gallery's website. (*Signed by the artist in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis).

Collection: "so many lives, so many deaths"

Author: Rintaro Hashiguchi

Specifications: A4 / Binding: 100 pages

Available at exhibition venues, Gallery NAO MASAKI, Parco Online Store, etc.

 Also available at the following links

Price: ¥3,200 + tax

Sold by: PARCO

Staff credit

Art Direction & Design: Shoji Uchiyama (THDH)

Photograph: Ryo Nagata.

Photo: HBK! / Jo Shimizu / The SHOP HOUSE Transcription & Edit: Yuka Mukuruma

Translation: Hinako Toda, Aimi Morikawa.

Long Interview :Fumio Nanjo

Creative Direction: Nao Masaki (Gallery NAO MASAKI)

Produced by Rui Shigeto

(Produced by Rui Shigeto (PARCO)

© Lintalow Hashiguchi Courtesy of Gallery NAO MASAKI.

PARCO Co. PARCO Co,. 2023

Book overview.

The title of the exhibition, "so many lives, so many deaths", is included at the beginning of the book, the book contains Lintalow Hashiguchi's works from 2009 to 2023, stories closely related to the origins of his works, and a long interview with art critic Fumio Nanjo.

This is a long-awaited book that gives fans an archival overview of the artist's work from his early days as an artist to the present day, including new photographs of his live production."

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