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Art installation of Tsai & Yoshikawa @GREEN SPRINGS

The year is gradually coming to a close, with beautiful illuminations decorating the streets and the city coming back to life little by little.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone for their support this year.

 Gallery NAO MASAKI director Nao Masaki was in charge of the creative direction of Tsai & Yoshikawa's art installation 'Daydream', which is currently being held at the GREEN SPRINGS commercial facility in Tachikawa, Tokyo. London-based artists Tsai & Yoshikawa, who develop site-specific artworks, have been active in the UK this year with their winter and Christmas artworks in Hermes stores across the country.

 This time, inspired by Tachikawa City's concept of 'the whole town as a museum' and the GREEN SPRINGS hanging garden, they have created a space full of wondrous joy and discovery, like a peach garden, with six dynamic artworks dotted throughout the garden, adding colour to the winter landscape. If you are in the area, please visit us.

 And we sincerely wish you a happy and prosperous 2023.

 May this world of chaos, through artistic expression, be a force that moves us one step further into a new world...



Place: GREEN SPRINGS 3-1, Midorimachi, Tachikawa, Tokyo

Time: 2022/11/26(sat)- 2023/2/14(Tue)

Artist:Tsai & Yoshikawa

Produce:Masato Baba

Creative director:Nao Masaki (Gallery NAO MASAKI)

Photo:Daisuke Shimma(adhoc)

<Artist Profile>

Tsai & Yoshikawa

London-based artists Hsiao-Chi Tsai (born 1981, Taiwan) and Kimiya Yoshikawa (born 1980, Aichi) have been working together since 2006, combining their knowledge and experience of textiles and fine art with an interest in new materials. They have created site-specific works, which are "made in a specific place with the characteristics of that place in mind".

Notable works include 'Futuristic Flowers' (2007), which decorated seven large show windows at Harvey Nichols department stores' in London, UK, and 'The Lion' (2009), a permanent public art installation in Chinatown, London. 'The Lion' (2009), which won the prestigious Marsh Award for excellence in public sculpture 2009. In recent years, the giant mobile 'Underwater Flowers I & II' has been permanently installed in St Thomas' Hospital, London, and in 2022, new winter and Christmas window and art decorations will be installed in three Hermès London street-front shops and one Dublin street-front shop across the UK. window and art decorations [The tail of Ocean Carousel] in 13 show windows and in-store art. They are also responsible for the Christmas tree artwork in Hermès shops in department stores such as Harrods and Selfridges, as well as designing the limited edition ornament tags given to purchasers in all UK shops during the same period. Their signature colourful and innovative colours and patterns are eye-catching, and they continuously produce dynamic, delicate and unique sculptures and art installations that make the most of form and structure.

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