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【Represented artist、Goonakayama Talk「What is "Goonakayama's Sho?"」@Artist Cafe Fukuoka】

This is an invitation to a talk event titled "What is Guunakayama's Sho?" held in conjunction with Goonakayama's solo exhibition "SAPPY" at Artist Cafe Fukuoka starting February 8th. The event will feature art critic Seiji Shimizu and calligrapher-contemporary artist Hisashi Yamamoto, who will discuss the essence of Goonakayama's calligraphy, exploring its past, present, and future. Goonakayama gained attention with his unique "Goo characters" since his exhibition at ARTSHODOTOKYO in 2018, discovered by the aforementioned speakers.



"What is Goonakayama's Sho?"



  15:00-16:00 Talk

  16:00-16:30 Discussion



 You could register from here

【Venue】Artist Cafe Fukuoka

 Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Chuo Ward, Jonai 2-5


Details are here

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