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Michiaki Mochizuki (1953 - )


Born in Shizuoka in 1953. He creates his own world of works using various techniques such as dyeing, ceramic art, glass painting, paper printing, lithograph, wood carving, and bronze. He has also worked on many books such as "Miyamoto Teru Zenshu (14 volumes)" and received the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award Book Design Award in 1995. Awarded Lagazzi for the 2001 Bologna International Children's Book Exhibition Award for the "Architecture Stunts". Works include "Circle Sheep" (Shinchosha).

1992 "The Universe of the Book: Containers of Poetic Ideas" Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Tochigi, Japan
1995 "Japanese Book Design Exhibition 1946-1995" Ginza Graphic Gallery, etc.

2001 “The Art of the Book: From Taisho Period Bindings to Contemporary Objects”, Urawa Art Museum      

2001-2002 "Le Immagini della Fantasia 19" Sarmede Italy

2002 "GLI ALISEI - Trade Winds" Certald Italy
2003 "BOOK DESIGN NOW 2003" Tokushu Tokai Paper

2009  "The World of Michiaki Mochizuki - Every Sky" Gallery NAO MASAKI

2012 Michiaki Mochizuki Exhibition "From the Forest of Words", Picture Book Museum, Mori no Ouchi, Azumino, Japan

2013 vol.64 "The Things That Come to Birth" Gallery NAO MASAKI

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