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Michiaki Mochizuki

What is born


It keeps chopping, steadily and steadily.

The shape that sleeps inside itself sometimes appears outside while being guided by the material, snuggling up, and pushing it away.


"Carving" may be the job of highlighting something invisible.

Kindness, sorrow, compassion and tranquility, or indescribable heat and feelings.


And this time, Mr. Mochizuki's long-awaited wood carving work has also appeared, creating a quiet space.


When approaching, the lines that look like they have been carved out smoothly lie ruggedly like the ridges of the peaks, and are born by repeating the shapes of humans, animals, and various other forms.


The prayer-like souls of Michiaki Mochizuki, suitable for this season, will begin to speak gently.


Nao Masaki


Before the beginning of winter


Michiaki Mochizuki

Born in Shizuoka City in 1953. Using various techniques such as dyeing, printing, glass painting, pen painting, bronze, cast glass, wood carving, and ceramics, he has created a unique world of works full of humor with the shapes and lines cultivated by stencil dyeing.

Last year, in 2008, a year, 12 months, continuous exhibition with Michiaki Mochizuki exhibition at Matsumeido Gallery, Kodaira City. Each month, he created works using different techniques and designed the venue, which attracted attention. There are many bindings and paintings. Works on Kobunsha / Classic New Translation Bunko cover drawings. Received the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award Book Design Award in 1995. Received the Bologna Children's Book Exhibition Award and the Ragazzi Award in 2001. His writings include "Walking House on the Road" and "What to Load on the Ark", and his collection of works includes "Sheep on the Circumference".


<Solo Exhibition> 2009 Michiaki Mochizuki's World-In Every Sky-

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