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Keisuke Iwata(1954 - )


Born 1954 in Soeda, Fukuoka. After graduating from the sculpture department of Nihon University College of Art, he studied at the ceramic course of Tajimi Technical High School and studied under Goro Kawamoto at Seto, before opening his own kiln in Fukuoka in 1983. Currently produces ceramics in Fukuoka. He has received numerous awards, for example, the Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition and so on, and has held solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Taiwan, Korea and France. He produces works with an appealing texture of clay and glaze, free from conventional concepts.

1954 Born in Soeda-cho, Fukuoka Prefecture

1977 Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Sculpture

1978 Studied under Goro Kawamoto in Seto City

1983 Becomes independent in Fukuoka Prefecture

1986 First solo exhibition at Akasaka Inui Gallery, Tokyo.  

1992 Worked in Paris, solo exhibition Began work on the Espantage (city moulding) series.

1994 Taipei Ceramics Exposition

1995 Studio relocated to Tsuyazaki, Fukuoka.

1997 Korea-Japan Exchange Ceramics Exhibition

2009,11,12 Les journess de la ceramiques Paris

2012 vol.47 Artists' Furniture Exhibition, Gallery NAO MASAKI

2013 Ceramique 14 Paris

2015,16,17 "Tatazumai" Exhibition, [Muji] Paris . New York . New York .

2016 Galerie Merrcier & Associes Paris Michiko & Keisuke Iwata Ma 'Ma' Exhibition

     vol.90 the grey, Gallery NAO MASAKI

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