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Keisuke Iwata Michiko Iwata Kouichi Uchida Mitsugu Sato

Furniture exhibition by artists


We asked four artists who usually do interesting work to make furniture.


Keisuke Iwata and Kouichi Uchida are ceramic artists, Michiko Iwata is a sculptor, and Mitsugu Sato is a contemporary artist.I usually work on works with different stances.

Furniture that we see and touch as something tangible in our daily lives.


If it were them, what kind of sensibility, what kind of perspective, what kind of things would they produce?

This is an exhibition that was completed with such excitement.


The world is on summer vacation. I still can't go against my childhood memories. At this time of year, a strange playfulness appears on the face.

And just as I thought... No, more unique works than I imagined lined up in this "house"!


Above all, you can tell that the artists who are creating it are having fun.

Everyone who attended this precious opportunity, a great accomplice of the times, too.


Please love, touch, and sometimes sit.

Nao Masaki


Keisuke Iwata

1954 Born in Soeda-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture

1977 Graduated from Nihon University College of Art majoring in Sculpture

         Tajimi ceramic school advanced course admission

1978  Seto became apprentice to Goro Kawamoto

1983 Kiln opened in hometown

1986 First solo exhibition at Akasaka Ken Gallery, Tokyo

         Presented his work at a solo exhibition around Japan

1992 Produced in Paris, solo exhibition

         Estampage( Take the model of the city) Start series production

1995 Moved to Tsuyazaki-cho, Fukuoka
2011-12 Exhibited at "es journees de la ceramique" sponsored by the city of Paris

Michiko Iwata

1956 Born in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture

1979 Graduated from Ritsumeikan University College of Social Sciences

         Part-time job at the office of graphic design at Kokura

1982-83 First trip to Europe Mainly visiting museums with Seiichi Horiuchi's "Travel from Paris" as a guide

          Studied drawing and copperplate printing at an art studio in England and Italy

1993 Tokyo Franco-Japanese Hall Poster Original Drawing Contest Winner

2001  First solo exhibition at Gallery Kramer (Tokyo)

         Presentation of works at solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in various place

2010  Atelier exchange with a French artist for two months,

         Discarded things and used items as materials

2012  Scheduled for second atelier exchange in autumn

Kouichi Uchida

1969 Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

1990 Aichi Prefectural Seto Pottery High School Ceramic Art Course Completed

1992 Moved to Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture and became independent

1993 Activities centered on solo exhibitions

2000 Exhibition "Looking at Vessels Crafts Living in Life"

         The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Crafts Museum (Tokyo)

2003 「UCHIDA KOUICHI」Exhibition Paramita Museum (Mie)

           Published a collection of works "UCHIDA KOUICHI" from Kyuryudo

2004   Serene form "Uchida Kouichi"Works:2003-2004

          4th MUSEUM RIVER RETREAT GAGAKU (Toyama)

2006  "Ceramic Now+ for the Present and Future of Ceramics"

          Hyogo Ceramic Art Museum (Hyogo) / "SOFA" (New York)

          and others, Spain, UK, USA, Vietnam, Thailand,

          Produced and released in South Korea, India, West Africa, South America, etc.



2008 "born; the shape of appearing"

2009  "From Egypt Exhibition"

2011 "Statue HITOGATA"

Mitsugu Sato

1971  Born in Osaka

1992  Dropped out of the Department of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts

1994  Wandering from China to Asian countries, America, Central and South American countries, etc.

1998 After moving to Wakayama City, he resumed his artistic activities using flotsam.

2005 iTohen(Osaka) 06,10,11

         PANTALOON( Osaka )09

         lim Art( Tokyo )

       「I want the moon」SEWING TABLE COFFEE( Osaka )

2006  colonbooks (Nagoya)

        "Morning"SEWING TABLE COFFEE( Osaka )

2007  "Waltz" iTohen (Osaka)

    Moriokashoten (Tokyo) '12

2010  Art Court Frontier 2010#8 (Osaka)

2011  Natural Midwifery MAIEU Tl KE Wild Creation Bakurocho ART+EAT (Tokyo)

2012 Position 2012 Nagoya Contemporary Art - The World Seen from This Place Nagoya City Art Museum (Nagoya)



2009 Solo Exhibition (Nagoya) '11



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