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Kazushi Yoshida(1978 - )


Born 1978, Kumano, Mie Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Oil Painting. He approaches the instrumentality of ”things that seem unusable and yet are usable” from the perspective of object and performance, and as ”Yoshida Jibustuya”. His major exhibitions include ”Yoshida Jibutsuya Remarks on the selected junk code.” (Rojitohito), 'Wandering series" (Morioka Shoten) and 'Toki no Otoshimono(lost property of time)' (GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELA TIVE). Since 2009, he has also been active as the artist unit Milk Warehouse (renamed Milk Warehouse + Coconuts in 2015).


<Solo Exhibitions>

2014 "The tool which drifts ーOpen and closed sequencesー" gallery feel art zero, Aichi

2012 “Yoshida Jibutsuya Remarks on the selected junk code.“ rojitohito, Tokyo

2011 ”Wandering series" Morioka Shoten, Tokyo

2007 “Lost article of time" GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo


2005 “community" GALERIE SOL, Tokyo

2004 gallery goto, Tokyo


<Group Exhibitions>

2017 ”ICHIHARA ARTxMIX 2017" IAAES, Chiba

2016 “ART ICHIHARA 2016 Spring" IAAES, Chiba

    ”High School Students’ Weeks 2016" Art Tower Mito, Contemporary Art Center, Ibaraki

2015 “ART ICHIHARA 2015 Autumn" IAAES, Chiba

2013 “観光(sightseeing)” Tesimanomado, Kagawa

2012 ”The world of images”gallery feel art zero, Aichi


   ”Explosion" BankART Studio NYK, Kanagawa

2006 “Painting exhibition" GALERIE SOL, Tokyo

   ”Scrapple From the Apple" GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo

   “これ が それ(this is that)” GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo

2005 ”sympathy of various senses" GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE, Tokyo

   “WONDER SEEDS" Tokyo wander site, Tokyo

2004 ”Petit SOL" GALERIE SOL

   “Tokyo Wonder Wall 2000-2003" The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo

2003 ”Tokyo Wonder Wall Tokyo Metropolis 2002”Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, Tokyo

    "Light’n Heavy vol.2" gallery goto, Tokyo

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