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Kazuhiro Hiei (1975 - )

Media Artist

Born 1975 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, he began computer-based music programming in the 1990s and has produced works incorporating a variety of technologies. He performs computer-based live performances, installations and artworks. Main activities include releasing music on Japanese labels such as Grand Gallery and Flower record under the name KING STREET SOUNDS and macrophage lab. in New York, providing music for a fashion show at the International Mode Festival in Hyères, France, and working with the Yamaha Corporation Electronic Instruments Division.

In 2005, he discovered the potential of technology in music through interaction, and in 2008 he exhibited a media art work using sound and light at the Aichi Children's Centre. In the same year, he collaborated with a contemporary music composer on a work incorporating a lighting system in a video at the ZKM media technology centre in Karlsruhe, Germany, and in 2010 he programmed real-time video generation at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and CMMAS in Morelia, Mexico. In 2011, he created "Garden music 02", a system that generates music from plant arrangements, at the Nagoya University Project Gallery "clas"; in 2014, "Shift" at the STAR GALLERY in Beijing, China; and in 2016, "Hikari Record" at SCOPE in Miami.


2016 “beyond the border” Nagoya City Art Museum


2014 "HIKARI-RECORD for HELIOCOMPAS 2014" at Gallery NAO MASAKI (Nagoya Japan)

    "SHIFT" , Collaboration with Izuru Mizutani at Start Gallery (Beijing China)

2013 "DNA" ,Media art and performing project "memu" Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater (Nagoya Japan)

    "SHIFT" , Visual and sound art , Collaboration with Izuru Mizutani at Cho-Kyoto art fair (Kyoto, Japan)

2012 “HIKARI record” , Interactive sound art at Nagoya university project gallery “clas” (Nagoya Japan)

2011 “Garden music 02” , Interactive sound art at Nagoya university project gallery “clas” (Nagoya Japan)

2010 Sound visualization at CMMAS (Mexico)

2009 “Tap Step Jump - Breath Song” , live and interactive video art at ZKM (Germany)

    “Space ship” , Aichi childeren’s center in Japan (Nagoya Japan)

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