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Solar system space-time map How the earth calendar works

Iro, that is, this resora

Kazumasa Hiei


In October 2014, two mysterious exhibitions intersect in the space of Gellery NAO MASAKI.


The first is [Mechanism]

The world of nothingness and existence, that is, the world of 0 and 1.

And the sky that creates the two.

The mechanism of this world where living things are placed

Sound artist Kazumasa Hiei uses technology to express the space, and woodworker Yu Kawai handles the space composition.


And the second is [play]

This is the 4th time [feel art helios]

The solar system spatiotemporal map Earth calendar that shows one big world view by visualizing the magnificent space of the solar system, the existence of invisible "time" in this world where we live .

Every time, the research and consideration of Kaichi Sugiyama, which deepens with new keywords as the axis, is converted into sounds and shapes, and is developed as various public arts.


The space consisting of these two "mechanisms" and "play" must be connected by some big gears and send a message to our world while penetrating each other's view of the world.

​ Nao Masaki

How it works

si ・ ku ・ mi

Color, that is, this is sky


As the sun shines slightly from the clouds

Raindrops land on the ground,

To bring grace to all life on earth

This world is perfectly driven by something invisible

Sometimes people call it the law, the god

Immeasurable heavenly mechanism


Kazumasa Hiei


Sound artist. Since the 1990s, he has started making music using computers, and has released sound art works that interactively convert phenomena created by people and nature into sound at home and abroad.


Spatial cooperation


Kawai Masaru


Woodworker. Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1979, studied woodworking at Kyoto Seika University, majoring in architecture, and after graduating from Hida. After becoming independent in 2007, he produced in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture, in the days when he was amazed at the awesomeness of wood.


Special thanks to Izuru Mizutani, LISN

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