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Hisashi Yamamoto (1969 - )


Born 1969, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Lives and works in Hiroshima. As a child, he was forced to write only one horizontal bar hundreds of times at a calligraphy school to correct his left-handedness to right-handedness. In 1988, shortly after entering the calligraphy department of Tokyo Gakugei University, he came into contact with the works of Yuichi Inoue and decided to give up classical calligraphy. He decided to write his own unique, real handwriting, and at the age of 20 he made the 'Declaration of Naoshi Yamamoto Calligrapher' in his room, and has called himself a calligrapher ever since. After working on the Yuichi Inoue catalogue raisonné at Unak Tokyo, he made up his mind to leave Yuichi. He then returned to Hiroshima to work at a tutoring school. However, a year and a half later the company went bankrupt, and in 1995 he opened his own tutoring school. In 2004, he was approached by Masaomi Unagami to establish the 'Tensakukai' in honour of Yuichi Inoue, and was given the opportunity to present his work.

2018 Solo Exhibition ‘Mado (Window)’, PLACE by method, Tokyo

   Solo Exhibition ‘Triple Tower’, TMMT, Tokyo

   Group Exhibition ‘ART SHODO TOKYO SPRING 2018’, Mitaka City Arts Center, Tokyo

2018 Group Exhibition ‘ART SHODO TOKYO AUTUMN 2018’, Mitaka City Arts Center, Tokyo

2019-20 Solo Exhibition ‘ENTRANCE⇔EXIT⇔LID⇔BOTTOM’, Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku, Tokyo

2019 vol.117"Contemporary calligraphy ARTSHODO three people's track", Gallery NAO MASAKI 

2020 Group Exhibition ‘OSAKA SHODO SHOW 2020’, SEASIDE STUDIO CASO, Osaka 

   Group Exhibition ‘What’s SHODO’, MARUEIDO JAPAN, Gallery, Tokyo

   Group Exhibition ‘The World of Contemporary Calligraphic Art 2, – “Symbols and the Times”‘, Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room, shinjuku, Tokyo


2021 Group Exhibition ‘REAL by ArtSticker DAIKANYAMA ART WEEK’, Daikanyama HILLSIDE TERRACE HILLSIDE FORUM, Tokyo

   Group Exhibition, art space tetra, Fukuoka

   Group Exhibition ‘ART SHODO FESTA in Fukuoka’, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka

   Group Exhibition ‘OSAKA SHODO SHOW 2021’, SEASIDE STUDIO CASO, Osaka

   Group Exhibition ‘ART SHODO EIGHT’, MDP GALLERY, Tokyo

   Group Exhibition ‘SHODO NEW AGE’, Tamashin RISURU Hall, Tokyo

   Group Exhibition ‘Contemporary Art SHODO’, Fukuya Hatchobori Main Store 7F Art Gallery, Hiroshima

   Group Exhibition ‘Mark and the human’, Iwataya 2F Head Office Main Building Gallery CONTAINER, Fukuoka

   Group Exhibition ‘JAPAN SHODO SHOW’, Shibuya Hikarie8/CUBE, Tokyo

   Group Exhibition ‘Calligraphy and not calligraphy KIWA (overlaps)’, Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum, Osaka


2022 Group Exhibition Exhibition by four artist ~ of the new tide of the ART SHODO ~book, Nagoya Sakae Mitsukoshi Sakae ARTE CASA ,Aichi

   Group Exhibition ART SHODO SELECTION in Kyoto, MEDIA SHOP GALLERY, Kyoto

   Group Exhibition, Taguchi Bijutsu, Gifu

   Solo Exhibition Game, Fukuya Hatchobori Main Store art gallery, Hiroshima

   Group Exhibition Hiroshima Contemporary Art Salon 2022, Fukuya Hatchobori Main Store gallery 101, Hiroshima

   Solo Exhibition Motor Show, Akamanma, Gunma

   Group Exhibition JAPAN SHODO SHOW, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo Citizens Gallery, Tokyo

   Group Exhibition, MDP GALLERY KAMAKURA,Tokyo

2023 Group Exhibition "GRAM FORCE", YUKIKO MIZUTANI, Tokyo

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