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Modern Book ARTSHODO Three People Trajectory

Ayako Someya / Lintalow Hashiguchi / Hisashi Yamamoto

2019.1.26 - 2.10

There are times when I foresee a new era or feeling.

The amount of heat and talent that spreads in this space now, as is the moment that is unfolding here...


The year before last, when I held a solo exhibition by contemporary calligrapher Hisashi Yamamoto, I was impressed by the fact that many people who visited the venue opened their eyes and took it as if they had met like an accident. New to my memory.


Last year, partly because of my relationship with Mr. Yamamoto, I witnessed the movement "ART SHODO TOKYO 2018" in the form of a judge, and I felt the wriggling with my body and wanted to see it firmly. This time, I am extremely pleased to be able to introduce three artists, such as gemstones, Ayako Someya, Hashiguchi Rintaro, and Hisashi Yamamoto.


All of them are clearly different from the traditional world of traditional calligraphy. It is the appearance of the modern "calligraphy" that is surely breathing now, with the accumulation of thought and improvisation, who loves or mediates the expression of the calligraphy, pursues it, and pursues it. What do you call this instead of calling it art?


I am full of eagerness to ask you to watch over as an accomplice how these rare artists will shine through the waves of the times.


Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki


[Calligrapher: Ayako Someya]


At the core of my calligraphy is letters.

It does not directly convey meaning or reading.

Something in the destination that was extracted so much that it could not be recognized.

Something that appears by sharpening to the limit.

When I thought about that, I came up with the concept of elements.

The structural diagram created by the element symbol felt as if it were a letter representing the substance itself.

I question and react to my senses. Then, I would like to confront the characters, pursue them, and superimpose what I have found.

Born in Tokyo in 1981 

Graduated from the Department of English and American Culture, Faculty of Humanities, Seitoku University in 2003.

After studying abroad at university, he became interested in the UK and went to the UK several times.

Being pleased to teach calligraphy to my homestay family, I eventually want to teach Japanese traditional books to foreigners. 2007 Started studying traditional books in earnest. Since 2012, he has participated in exhibitions both in Japan and overseas.

While seeking further originality by breaking out of traditional books, he continues to this day.

Participated in "ART SHODO TOKYO SPRING 2018" and published in the book "Mirai Shodou 2".

The exhibited work will be selected as the official poster for the exhibition at "ART SHODO TOKYO AUTUMN 2018".

December 2018, Gallery NOW "ART SHODO NOW" Exhibition (Toyama)


[Calligrapher: Lintalow Hashiguchi]


In an era of information overload, when I was looking at my smartphone, news, SNS, and various words of various people were converted into characters and overflowed. Fragmented letters and words extruded from the logical world are naturally extruded to the surroundings, alienated and overlooked. I want to write down what is out of social and public, what is bankrupt, what is useless, and put it on the edge of the world.

Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1985.

Entered the University of Teacher Education Fukuoka Calligraphy Course in 2004. When I was a teenager, I encountered punk rock, which was a mixture of sounds, emotions, and words, and it became the starting point of my creative activities. Although he learned traditional calligraphy techniques and aesthetics, he was influenced by the butoh and concrete works of the 1960s and avant-garde art such as Taro Okamoto. In particular, he was greatly influenced by Yuichi Inoue, an avant-garde book, and came to the idea that "calligraphy is the art of all people" and "energy for living everyday, born from everyday life." 2008 Held the first solo exhibition at Fukuoka IAF shop *. After that, he will energetically announce his works. In 2012, he stopped using expensive traditional brushes and started writing with cheap towels around him. Selected as a member of Yuichi Inoue's award exhibition "Tensakukai" in 2015. Since 2016, he has been inspired by the sound of rock and created works such as alphabets and jagged sound waveforms. Selected for "ART SHODO TOKYO" in 2018 and attracted attention.

[Calligrapher: Hisashi Yamamoto]


Pictures always appear in my book. But I don't want to draw a picture. Draw a figure as a subject and always ask yourself, "What is this?" In other words, I can write for the first time to clear the subject. Only then can I become a "one calligrapher". Recently, I think that this is an attitude similar to solving a Zen monk's koan (a problem given by a teacher). That way, I keep opening the door of my heart every day. Calligraphy is probably the only clue and means to me for that.


Born in Hiroshima City in 1969

At an early age, he attended a penmanship school to change from left-handed to right-handed. While becoming familiar with Chinese classical penmanship as a high school student, he realized that the characters he learned at the penmanship school were just imitations of one character, and he withdrew. Immediately after entering the calligraphy department of Tokyo Gakugei University in 1988, he touched on Yuichi Inoue's work and decided to quit classical writing. At the age of 20, he made the "Hisashi Yamamoto Calligrapher Declaration" in his room. After engaging in the work of Yuichi Inoue catalog raisonné at Unak Tokyo, he decided to leave Yuichi. In 1993, after returning to Hiroshima and getting a job at a cram school, he opened a cram school independently. Turned the classroom into an atelier and devoted himself to production activities for 10 years. In 2004, Masaomi Unagami asked him to establish a "Tensakukai" to honor Yuichi Inoue, and announced his work. Starting with the first solo exhibition "Machine" at Unack Salon in 2015, the collection of works "Fune" (YKG Publishing) in 2016, and the solo exhibition "flying saucer" (Yumiko Chiba Associates, Tokyo), Toyama Gallery NOW, Tokyo Beams Exhibitions are held at Japan B Gallery, etc. 2018 Launched Japan's first contemporary art fair specializing in calligraphy, "ART SHODO TOKYO".

At Gallery feel art zero (currently Gallery NAO MASAKI) -2017 "Door, Light, Glass, and Water"

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