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Etsuko Sonobe


Graduated from Musashino Junior College of Art and Design in 1976. Since then, she has been involved in the development of corporate jewellery and other products as a designer, as well as developing her own jewelery brand 'etsuko sonobe'. She creates contemporary jewelery with designs that maximise the attractiveness of natural stones and noble metals, and with meticulous handwork. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions and art fairs in Japan and abroad. She is a leading figure in the Japanese contemporary world. Major exhibitions include 'ORNAMENTA 1' at the Museum Fortsheim, and 'Jewellery Now, Objects of Transformation' at the Crafts Gallery, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. Her work is in the collection of the National Museum of Scotland, The Marzee collection, etc.


1998 Galerie Marzee / Nijmegen
1999 Galerie Sofie Lachaert / Gent

2000 Galerie Slavik / Wien
2002 Galerie Marzee / Nijmegen

   Arai Gallery / Tokyo

2004 gallery duex poissons / Tokyo
2006 Galerie Marzee / Nijmegen

   gallery duex poissons / Tokyo
2008 Galerie Marzee / Nijmegen
2009 gallery duex poissons / Tokyo

2011 gallery duex poissons / Tokyo

2013 gallery duex poissons / Tokyo

   Galerie Marzee / Nijmegen
2015 Chang Chang gallery / Taiwan

   gallery due poissons / Tokyo

2016 vol.96 “stone love” Gallery NAO MASAKI / Nagoya

2020 vol.129”Shapes of crystals” Gallery NAO MASAKI / Nagoya

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