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Etsuko Sonobe

Shapes of Crystals

2020.10.16 --11.1

Most of the gems we get are already designed by humans and do not remain in their rough state. The strength of rough stones is created by the earth over a long period of time, and its crystal form is determined by the minerals that make up it. And I feel that I am always learning what is important for expression from the various forms that appear depending on the generation conditions.

Finding a way to create together while gently snuggling up without breaking that amazing perfect law has led to my expression.


Etsuko Sonobe


The charm of jewels that you dreamed of. Etsuko Sonobe shows us such creations even after becoming an adult. It may be an expression that can only be pursued by people who continue to make contemporary jewelry while being attracted to the charm of stones. Please take a look at the beautiful world of rough stones that demonstrates the true essence of Etsuko Sonobe.


Gallery NAO MASAKI   Nao Masaki


Etsuko Sonobe

Born in Tokyo in 1955. After studying metal at Musashino Art Junior College, he was involved in the development of corporate jewelry and products as a designer, and at the same time developed the jewelry brand "etsuko sonobe", which is characterized by how to handle stones. He continues to produce as a writer. He has made numerous presentations at galleries and museums overseas such as the Netherlands, Austria and the United Kingdom, and has received high praise both at home and abroad.

“I would like to create jewelry with a unique atmosphere by sticking to the size and shape of stones according to the design, just as I can handle metal freely and make shapes. You can create a completely different impression depending on the person who wears it. We value the original origin of jewelry, which is that you can get mental comfort by wearing it.

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