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Ayako Someya (1981 - )


Born 1981, Tokyo. After graduating from the Department of English and American Culture in the Faculty of Humanities at Seitoku University, she became interested in the UK when she studied abroad while still a university student, and since then has travelled to the UK several times. After teaching calligraphy to a homestay family and being delighted by it, she was inspired to teach traditional Japanese calligraphy to foreigners at some point. Around 2007, she began to study traditional Japanese calligraphy in earnest, and since 2012 has participated in exhibitions in Japan and abroad. She has been searching for a way out of traditional calligraphy and to further develop her own originality.

2018 ART SHODO TOKYO SPRING 2018, in the book 'MIRAISHODO 2'.

   Gallery NOW, 'ART SHODO NOW', Toyama

2019 vol.117 'Contemporary Calligraphy ARTSHODO Three People's,' Gallery NAO MASAKI

2020 "The World of Contemporary Art Calligraphy 2 [Symbols and Now]", Yumiko Chiba Associates

2021 "Calligraphy to Art", Tokyo Gallery BTAP

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