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Akie Tsuzuki (1979 - )


Born in 1979.

studied bookbinding in France from 2001-2002.

After graduating from Tama art university in Tokyo, worked with German bookartist Veronika Schäpers and started designing and binding books.

In 2007, undertook ten months study at Centro del bel Libro, Ascona, in Switzerland.

Giving bookbinding workshop in Tokyo since 2008 and making books as ananas press with Nobuko Yamamoto in 2011, start working in Nagoya.


2019 "Akie Tsuzuki's Work Exhibition" ippo-plus

2018 ananas press "Air Mail" colonbooks (Nagoya)

2016 "Life Is Beautiful" Art Lab Aichi (Nagoya)

2015 "Putting it in a Box" colonbooks, Nagoya

2015 "Copying Paper x Binding Cloth" Geshi, Nagano

2013 "Techo and bookbinding work" colonbooks (Nagoya)

2013 vol.50 "11 papers" Gallery NAO MASAKI (Nagoya)

2012 mon Sakata "Knitting and Connecting", Mejiro, Tokyo

2010 "IN Prints ON Paper" gallery yamahon (Mie)

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