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Akie Tsuzuki Kayo Miyashita

Eleventh Paper Exhibition


Welcome to the poetic space created by the two artists, made of eleven words and paper .


Kayo Miyashita continues to produce and present unique, light and sophisticated sculptural works using paper and wire.


Another person, Akie Tsuzuki , learned the technique as a bookbinding artist in France and Switzerland, and then worked on many beautiful jobs while responding to the requests of various people.


The two have an atelier in the same building, and they have a relationship of touching and talking with each other's works on a daily basis.

In this exhibition, a space was created in which the creator's point of view was fully reflected from the idea of furniture to the production by choosing words.


Fragments that are found and picked up by their delicate viewpoints and fresh impressions of small events that occur in the process of touching things .


I am impressed by the wonderfulness and technique of the sense of balance for carefully spinning things that are small and are usually overlooked .

We hope that you will slowly follow the messages of the two artists and bring back the sensibilities of a fresh treasure in your daily life .


Nao Masaki


Kayo Miyashita

Born in Nagoya in 1964.

In 1985, graduated from Aichi University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Design.

After graduating from university, engaged in design work at manufacturers, design offices, etc.

Exhibited at "Koubou to Kaze" (Chiba) in 1995, mainly using paper and wire.

Start manufacturing. Since then, he has been active in solo exhibitions and craft fairs.


Akie Tsuzuki Born in 1979

Encountered hand-made books in France in 2001, and after graduating from university, studied under a German book artist.

Learned bookbinding again in Switzerland from January 2007

Started a bookbinding class in Tokyo in March 2008, and ordered a collection of works by writers and specially equipped books.

While receiving, he worked as ananas press with Nobuko Yamamoto of Hiroyomi.

Since 2011, he has set up an atelier in Nagoya and holds workshops in various places.

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