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Tomomi Matsunaga


Born in Kyoto. Presides over the studio KATACHI.

Based on a delicate aesthetic sense unique to her Kyoto upbringing, she creates art jewelry and cuisine by reconstructing materials from a unique perspective. Jewellery is made from Japanese and natural materials such as bamboo, hemp, gold leaf and lacquer.

The company proposes "Creative Cuisine", an evolution of Taiwanese vegetarian cuisine from an artist's point of view. In 2012, she opened the decoration and food studio KATACHI in Kyoto. She is expanding her field of activities with events under the theme of "the beauty of decorative art and the taste of food".


1971 Opens the café LA VOITURE in Okazaki, Kyoto, with her mother Yuri Matsunaga.

2012 Began researching ’Su Shi' under the tutelage of Hong Yinlong, a leading figure in the Taiwanese Su Shi world.

2017 vol.98 '-musubu-' Gallery NAO MASAKI

2019 Fusing ART and EAT, the exhibition is developed as 'meisushi', where food, space and time as a whole are savoured.

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