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Contemporary Jewelry / Tomomi Matsunaga



Early spring.


Tomomi Matsunaga was born and raised in Kyoto. Her mother is the founder and gallery owner of the famous pastry shop [La Voiture] in Tarte Tatin. Around Matsunaga, there was soil that nurtures sensibility from an early age.

Works created by her from an avant-garde perspective as a jewelry and modeling artist who connects materials to shapes. The light modeling that begins with the free and original [Train tomehimo] series connects beauty, body, and a good relationship in the sky. The beautiful venue composition with such a wish is by Maya Wakabayashi, the current owner of [La Voiture] and Matsunaga's daughter.


And she also has one side as a unique "creative vegetarian food" cooking researcher whose origin is Taiwanese vegetarian food. Wu Tsang's party held at another venue during the session. Incorporated a cooking box that connects organs to suit the winter soil of medicinal food chef Asaoka Sen, who is active in Nagoya, and a menu of [Chinese New Year] to celebrate Taiwan's Chinese New Year [Chinese New Year] by Mr. Matsunaga. A two-day feast of creative food boxes will be held. The hospitality at the beautiful dining table is exactly the New Year's day. To all the people who have contributed to the exhibition to celebrate the beginning of 2017, and to all the visitors.

May the blessings of rich art be poured down ...

Nao Masaki


Tomomi Matsunaga

Born in Kyoto. Created art jewelry by reconstructing the material from a unique perspective.

We propose "creative vegetarian food" that evolved Taiwanese vegetarian cuisine from the artist's point of view. Development, recipe proposal, etc.

There is. 2012 Established "Face KATACHI", a decoration and food studio in Kyoto.

We are expanding the field of activities through events and the media under the theme of "the beauty of decoration and the taste of food."

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