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Yoko Mazuki(1963 - )


Born 1963 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.She has exhibited in galleries and art spaces throughout Japan, using photography to express the time, presence and smells captured by the skin's sense of touch with self-portraits in the old Japanese house where she was born, and the 'inner planets' that are innate to the human body. She also began producing video works during her stay in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 2002. In 2003, she presented a video installation at the Nagoya City Art Museum, and has since expanded her activities to include music, performance and video production of theatre.


Solo exhibitions

1983 Nanatsudera Kyodo Studio, Nagoya.

1985 Space de Aupa, Nagoya

1989 Space de Aupa, Nagoya


1997 The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka


2000 Gallery Past Rays, Yokohama

2000 Gallery NAF, Nagoya

2001 Gallery MOCA, Nagoya

2002 Atelier am Eck, Dusseldorf

2004 Gallery Yugen, Tokyo

2005 Gallery Kai, Osaka

2009 Photo&Art Gallery Puschke, Nagoya

2010 florist_gallery N, Nagoya

2010 Gallery Kai, Osaka

2010 Photo&Art Gallery Puschke, Nagoya, Japan

2012 Photo&Art Gallery Puschke, Nagoya, Japan

2013 Gallery Sokyu-sha, Tokyo

Group exhibitions

2000 Kyoto Art Centre, Kyoto

2001 Nagoya Civic Gallery Yada, Nagoya

2001 Osaka Triennale 2001, CASO, Osaka

2002 KUNSTPUNKTE 2002 Gastatelier Salzmannbau, Düsseldorf

2002 Kunst in Munchengladbach, Munchengladbach

2002 Art Life Mitsuhashi, Kyoto

2003 Contemporary Art Positions 2003, Nagoya City Art Museum, Nagoya

2004 Studio IKUKO, Kurashiki

2004 Interncontinental Galerie OMC, Dusseldorf

2005 Liubou Hall, Naha

2008 International Contemporary Photography Portfolio, OMC Gallery, California

2008 OMC Gallery, California

2008 Ogaki Biennale 2008, Ogaki, Japan

2009 Fan de Nagoya Art Exhibition 2009, Nagoya Civic Gallery Yada, Nagoya

2010 Toyota Art Exhibition 2010, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota

2010 CODE PosterDesign Winners Exhibition, UNESCO Creative Design Cities

2011 CODE PosterDesign Winners Exhibition, Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, Tokyo.

2011 Tomohiko Hara The Power of the Field, Nagoya City Theatre Practice Room Acthenon, Nagoya, Japan.

2013 Underground Scenery with a Door, CAI 02, Sapporo


2001 Special Prize, German Cultural Centre Kansai, Dusseldorf

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