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Guido De Zan

Bianco e nero, Disegno e scultura

White and Black, Draw and Sculpture

2023.2.11sat - 2.26 sun

Open : 13:00 - 19:00


 It was 18 years ago that Guido de Zan held an exhibition in a corner of the select shop I ran before starting the gallery. It was through an introduction by jewellery artist Natsuko Toyofuku, daughter of sculptor Tomonori Toyofuku, who was active in Italy, that I visited his studio. The ceramic sculptures, like fragments of stories, appeared quiet yet free, chatty and joyful in the space, and I became enamoured with the little world that captured my imagination, and six months later I had started my own art gallery.

 Last year, I met him again after a long absence, and the lines and shapes produced by his hands still give rhythm to this world with their distinctive atmosphere and expression. The world-renowned designer Bruno Munari once described Guido de Zan's work as "a surface that cannot be replaced by another form, just as the skin of a snail is different from the skin of a snake in nature", reading the creative elements explored and composed by the artist from a designer's perspective. The works Guido creates from his unique perspective easily transcend the boundaries between art, design and craft, and move freely between drawing and image.


Nao Masaki

Guido De Zan

Born 1947 in Milan, Italy. After working for eight years as a psychiatrist's assistant in the field of helping children with learning disabilities, he set up his own pottery workshop in Milan in 1978. From the late 1980s, he began working with porcelain and stoneware, focusing on sculpture and objects, etc. Since the 1990s, in addition to ceramics, he has pursued new methods of expression using a variety of techniques and materials, including printmaking, pastel painting and oil painting. She is also active in the field of oil painting.

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