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Kimiya Yoshikawa & Hsiao-Chi Tsai



A colorful, beautiful and light shape like a bird of paradise.

Their work is completely new in size, form and color sense. It feels like you're lost in the world of the future. It may seem strange at first glance, but the more you look at it, the more peaceful it is. In other words, the positive and negative that underlie the creation of the two are the world of positive and negative. Given that the sky is like a sign common to all things in the world, their glamorous works symbolically draw and carve the sky like a flag of freedom and peace. These two cool artists, who continue to produce works called site-specific, which are "made in a specific place by considering the characteristics of that place," will surely humorously shine the future even more beautifully, enjoyably and freely. I don't feel like I'm fluttering the flag.


Nao Masaki



Hsiao-Chi Tsai & Kimiya Yoshikawa


Hsiao-Chi Tsai from Taiwan studied textiles at the world-famous Royal College of Art, and Yoshikawa Kimino from Tokoname, Aichi, Japan studied sculpture. After finishing in 2006, he started collaborative production. Held numerous commissions and exhibitions in Europe, Southeast Asia, etc., including the work "Futuristic Flowers" that decorated the seven show windows of Harvey Nichols in 2007. The Lion, a permanent outdoor work in London Chinatown, won the Marsh Award for outstanding public art in the UK in 2009. In November 2016, two sculptural works with a mobility of 27 meters were installed at St. Thomas Hospital, which stands in front of the London Westminster Parliament Building. Continues to make announcements at home and abroad.

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