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Plant / Takaaki Murase

Hearing Garden Re: planter


One theory is that the origin of the miniature garden comes from the template created during the landscaping work.

See the universe in a small world that should be a hobby area.

Originally, I think that the box garden-like view of the universe, including bonsai, is deeply incorporated into the DNA of the Japanese.

I think Takaaki Murase's Space colony is close to the final form of a virtual miniature garden.

This time, a virtual garden will appear in the artificial inorganic space of feel art zero.

I think the key to enjoying this garden is the act of flirting with the scenery that unfolds there.


Nao Masaki


Re: planter

A solo project by planter Takaaki Murase.


Grandfather's bonsai in childhood

Aquaterrarium in adolescence

Rare plant collectors in adolescence


After self-education, Re: planter started in 2012.

The concept is to plant Re: cycle x Plants in various materials that are no longer used in the creed, and to create a living work that circulates by exploring the reason of nature.


As a planter, he collects plants in various lands including overseas and performs live-planting in the field.

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