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Glass / Naoko Kato

BLUE blue in me


With his imagination and modeling power, he will lead the subtleties of everyday life to the shape of soft glass.

The work is close to the viewer, draws out the inside, and wraps it in humor. It may be what she wants more than anything else .

This is the long-awaited solo exhibition at Zero for the first time in 6 years. This time, two-dimensional works will also appear, and works with unique forms that interweave abstract and concrete will intersect.

Bottles of various sizes, sometimes thinly bonny, and sometimes swaying, patroll the world of images, creating a laid-back atmosphere like a resident of the world of painting. It's as if the essence of her thoughts is trapped.

We hope that both first-timers and fans of Naoko Kato will truly enjoy the encounter with the unique works that live in Naoko Kato World .


Nao Masaki



Naoko Kato

Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Cast glass modeling artist.

In 196, graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Faculty of Arts, Department of Crafts, Glass Course. Part-time lecturer in the same department.

The unique sculptural works created from rich imagination have gained widespread support.

Held solo and group exhibitions mainly in the Kanto region.


<Solo exhibition>

2006 "Entrance to somewhere"

2008 "Space-Time World"

2010 "What happens between fingers"

<Special Exhibition>

2012  "UTSUWA --About the container"

2014 "in; the glass"

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