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Woodprint / Nazuki Sano

Nazuki Sano's woodblock prints


Nazuki Sano, a print artist, flies around the world of intaglio with free ideas, without being bound by technique or common sense.

"I want to draw a picture that feels like the wind is passing through ..."

The mysterious lingering works, which are drawn with white ink to scoop out the signs that do not form, become a light breeze of pink and yellow and flutter around.

Please enjoy the print world of Natsuki Sano created by the wonderful sensibility and original technique.


Nao Masaki



Nazuki sano

1970 Born in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture

1992 Graduated from Nagoya Junior College of Art and Design, Department of Printmaking

1992-1994 Enrolled in print studio moku, travels to Asian countries

1995-1998 Assistant, Printmaking Laboratory, Nagoya Junior College of Art and Design

1997 2nd Nishiwaki Sam Hall Grand Prize Exhibition (Okamotoyama Museum, Nishiwaki City)

1998 4th Sapporo International Contemporary Print Biennale (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art)

1999 48th Toyota City Art Exhibition (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art)

   8th Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art Print Award Exhibition (Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art)

2000 Received the 49th Toyota Municipal Art Exhibition Encouragement Award (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art)

2002 Stayed in Denmark, produced and presented, and worked as a special lecturer.


Since the 1990s, he has held solo and group exhibitions mainly in Aichi.

Announced in Denmark, Sweden, Egypt and France from 2000.

Held "Line and Time" in July 2013 at Gallery NAO MASAKI

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