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shino + y

life is beautiful, december polka


shino Free and bouncing, sometimes sad, but if you notice Hora  color Color Toridori, any combination, find your own color  polka It's plump, slender, and dancing  y The combination is a miracle! Or like December

Four years after the conception, shino's unique and fascinating world of glass beads, which has been in the Czech atmosphere.

Mr. shino says, "I'm only interested in aggregates." Certainly, the chokers with free color matching are like small aggregate objects.

In the shino world, where you can live and create things freely and enjoyably, various creators and artists gather around her. This time, as "+ y", Mr. Yoshihiko Takahashi, a glass artist, came to hang a small glass object with only one humor in the world.


Mr. shino who is planning to stay at 0 for several days during the period.

I have a feeling that a new group will appear at the venue. When you pick it up and wear it, mysterious colors start to dance. This is life, this is shino world! Enjoy the colored December *

Nao Masaki




Born in 1961. Started blown glass in 1980 and studied at Pilchuck Glass School in the United States. After that, he established the studio ARTHOLlC with his friends . He has been involved in the management of Miasa Workshop and GLASSWORK magazine, and has lived in the Czech Republic since 1992. The production was suspended for a long time, but the activity will be resumed after the symposium in Suguchi Bakia in 1995. Currently, he mainly produces jewelry made of beads. The unique and charming style attracts many fans across generations and genres. Collection: National Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague / North Pohemia Museum



Yoshihiko Takahashi / Glass artist, Professor of Tama Art University

Born in Tokyo in 1958. After completing the craft design course at Tama Art University's Department of 3D Design, he became a deputy assistant at the Department of 3D Design at the same university. After that, he went to Germany and worked as an assistant at the Glasshouse Amva Turm Studio. After returning to Japan, he opened a workshop in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and continues to produce works. In March 2011, at the National Crafts Museum of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, a large-scale exhibition that was unprecedented for an active artist was heard, and an installation work was set up at the Oita Prefectural Art Museum, which opened in the spring of this year. The work is highly evaluated both at home and abroad. Main collections: Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art / National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo / Yokohama Museum of Art /

Koganezaki Crystal Park / Musse des Arts Decoratifs / Wagga Wagga Art Gallery / GlasmuseumRheinbach / Powerhouse Museum / National Museum of Scotland / Museum Iku unst Palast / The Coming Museumof Glass / Glasmuseet Ebeltoft / The National Gallery of Victoria / Victoria and Albert Museum / Museo de Arte Modemo, LaCasade Japan

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