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Solar system space-time map Earth calendar birth birth feel art helios # 5

Kaichi Sugiyama


Venus and the Earth meet in space-time while drawing a beautiful "star shape" in about eight years.

Solar system spatiotemporal map From 2012 to 2020, we are developing a project to explore the harmony of the solar system with art in accordance with the movement of Venus.


This time, the theme of the fifth feel art helios, which connects Venus and the Earth, is "Birth" -like many processes in which we humans and stars are born and live in this vast universe. , The spiral of infinite life is spreading in this world.

During the exhibition, in the installation space, the theme talk of Mr. Kaichi Sugiyama, the inventor of the Earth calendar, Mr. Akira Ikegawa, a leading obstetrician and gynecologist of womb memory, and Mr. Mitsumaru Ono, a specialist in numbers and shapes. We will welcome guests to an interesting talk event that touches our mysterious world, from the birth of the universe to the miracle of life. I would like to experience this precious time and space with you. We look forward to your participation!

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