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Focusing on the shape or expected


The first exhibition in 2015 will be the first private collection in three years.

This time, I would like to introduce art pieces that have an intangible existence when they form a shape, or before they are born .


The difference between what has a shape and what doesn't may be a piece of paper.

However, there is a big gap there.

We live every day by accumulating small pieces of consciousness and choice that are uncertain but have potential .


What a wonderful thing that has a shape but has room to imagine before it was born and gives the viewer the power of creativity.

The pleasure of the collection is also to share, imagine, and create the senses and existences that are outside the realm of the individual, both the artist and us, through each other's values.


We hope that you will enjoy the possibility of such an attempt on the new page of the new year.

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