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Eiji Uematsu

From the soil


The color, sign, and smell of the soil spreading in the space.

By arranging Mr. Uematsu's work, the atmosphere of the place changes slowly.

What is its presence that makes you feel the temperature even before you touch it?


The scales of the soil are not cloudy, and even the vessels and sculptures are consistently appearing as a shape, which is beyond the technique.

Mr. Uematsu's work is honest and rich in discoveries.

He says, "There are important things in everyday life."


We are alive on the soil and receive the blessings of the soil.

I felt that my heart was washed by the attitude of gently digging up and gently digging up the mysterious simplicity found in such a natural place.

In the hectic days, I want you to feel the warmth of the soil in your eyes and palms.

Nao Masaki

Eiji Uematsu

Born in Kobe in 1949.

1972 From work on a flat surface, it is drawn to natural materials and melts into soil. And checking the material of the soil is the beginning of work in the soil.

Entered Shigaraki from Tokyo in 1975, and while working at a factory, he felt the soil and continued his own production.

Presented at a group exhibition in 1981.

In 1982, the residence and workplace were moved to Marubashira, Iga City, and the roots of soil and fire took shape.

Since his first solo exhibition in 1986, he has participated in solo and group exhibitions nationwide, and has created vessels in his daily life.

Eiji Uematsu

1949: Born in Kobe city.

1972: After devoting himself to painting and engraving, Uematsu was fascinated by natural materials and decided on using clay as his medium. His career as a potter all started by carefully selecting the quality of clay.

1975: Moved to Shigaraki in Shiga Prefecture from Tokyo, he continued to create his own works in addition to working at a factory.

1981: Promoted his works at a group exhibition.

1982: Relocated and established his atelier in Marubashira, Iga city. The results of his efforts and experience from working with clay and fire became tangible.

1986: Since holding his first solo exhibition, he has continued to hold several solo and group exhibitions. Practical but unique bowls and vessels have also been created as a result of his everyday insights.

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