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Tomomi Matsunaga

feel eat zero 2 eat plants


feel eat zero "The feeling of eating = that is also ART."

The second is botanical foods based on Taiwanese vegetarian food "sushi".

We welcome Tomomi Matsunaga, a jewelry artist and culinary researcher living in Kyoto, as a cook.

We will deliver a week to get familiar with "elementary" and eat with various approaches.

Masaki In addition, Yasuko Okamura


Taiwanese vegetarian sushi is said to have a strong ingredient that hinders training for religious reasons.

While observing the restriction of not using "three leeks (chicken, meat, fish), five garlic (garlic, garlic, garlic, scallions, onions)"

It features a variety of cooking methods created from the Taiwanese people's passion for food culture, who greedily pursue delicious food.

Ingredients are all peaceful, centered on dried foods that contain umami and nutrients, where plants take time to change the taste.

I would like to introduce it as a daily meal that allows you to rest your body regardless of religion or principle, a meal of allowances, and a "creative meal".


Cooking expert / Tomomi Matsunaga

・ Local Confectionery Research Co., Ltd./Kyoto [Confectionery]  

A number of sweets based on the image of "bare food" made by Shusaku Hayashi, the author of "A Journey around the World's Local Sweets That Japanese People Don't Know".


・ Gallery Yamahon /   Iga [Cooking utensils, utensils, etc.]

Simple and beautiful life. We will deliver tools around food such as vessels that bring out the expression of the ingredients with the theme of "bare food".


・ Kumanoya / Nagoya [Traditional seasonings, etc.]  

   We sell traditional seasonings and foods that are delicious and can be enjoyed with peace of mind.


・ Green Worm 21 /   Nara [Organic Vegetables]  

    Yamato vegetables are cultivated on the plateau overlooking the Yoshino mountain range. We are particular about vegetables such as soil, environment and fertilizer.


・ Studio KATACHI /   Kyoto [Ingredients for raw food, tea set, etc.]

From the jewelery writer and culinary expert Tomomi Matsunaga's workshop

We propose soup stock, dried fish, and bowls from Kyoto's long-established store "Uneno".


・ Taiwan /  Taiwan / Taipei   [Taiwanese tea, tea set]

    A long-established Taiwanese tea store with its head office in Taipei City. From teas that you can enjoy on a daily basis to vintage ones, we will select the teas that you would like to introduce to Japanese people.



・ Zohiko / Kyoto [Kyoto Lacquerware]

    A long-established Kyoto lacquer shop. Elephant lacquer ware is full of tenderness that fits nicely when you hold it in your hand. This time, a vessel selected by Tomomi Matsunaga will appear.



・ Tsubameya Gifu   [Japanese sweets]  

I try to make Japanese sweets that are additive-free and feel the ingredients as much as possible. We will prepare dorayaki, warabi mochi, karinto, etc.


  ・ Hyakusai Theater / Omihachiman [Specially cultivated vegetables, etc.]

On the banks of Kitanoshozawa, which is connected to Lake Biwa, we grow vegetables and rice without relying on pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Through farming experiences and workshops, we propose a lifestyle with farming.

We will prepare vegetables and beans grown in fields with many creatures.

・ BIO Mart & Kitchen / Nagoya [Natural foods, etc.]  

  This is a macrobiotic theme shop originating in Nagoya. This time, we recommend ingredients that make your organic life more enjoyable.

  We will deliver freshly baked bread etc. from the bakery attached.

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