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Solar system space-time map Earth calendar

Earth calendar star type [hoshigata]


At Gallery NAO MASAKI, on June 6, 2012, the astronomical phenomenon that connects Venus and the Earth with the same line as the Sun, "Passing the Sun," triggered the time of "Passing the Sun", which is the closest beauty to the Earth we live in. While following the trajectory of the encounter between the planet Venus and the Earth, we have exhibited installation art of the Earth calendar that expresses the solar system in one trillionth . The first is "experiment". In March 2013, the second "circulation" occurred when Venus and the Earth faced each other across the Sun. And again, this time, which is the third time that Venus and the Earth are closest to each other and connected, we feel the great harmony between you and the universe while being guided by the many beautiful shapes hidden in the solar system under the theme of "star shape". I would like to go on a trip .

Nao Masaki

To all who live in this era

The sun, a sphere of light that continues its journey for about 10.9 billion years while being blown by the wind of the galaxy.

4.6 billion years after the birth of the earth, the memory carved into the orbit of the spiral, now standing in the middle of the story, the Earth issue. Since ancient times, the calendar that reflects the movement of the heavens and the earth has been alive in that era and breathed in society. Mesopotamia with Iran-Iraq that created the timekeeping method, the ancient Chaldea of the shepherd who made a constellation by bundling the heavenly sheep. Sumer, which established the sexagesimal system, Babylonia, which built the ziggurat for advanced astronomical observation, the Roman Empire, which became the discipline of society and permeated, and the Vatican, which established the status of the modern calendar.

There are various beliefs and calendars in the world such as the Jewish calendar, the Hindu calendar, the Tibetan calendar, and the Islamic calendar. Also, the Maya calendar, which is highly polished in the jungle, and the lunar calendar countries such as Japan. And the "clock" is further subdivided into one second, and the accuracy is changed from a quartz clock to a cesium atomic clock, and even at this moment, it rides on radio waves and rings the bell of time to society.

Now, accuracy is more established than nature, and we are born in "time."

What is time?


Gift of new time

Where are we now?


The earth calendar is a calendar that allows you to see the year of the earth with the sun as the sword. If you look at the daily movements from the solar system, you can see that the planets are ticking regularly.

The clocks we use in our daily lives are as simple as the hands pointing to the numbers on the disk, but by using them as a common recognition, we create promises in our lives. The date essentially indicates the positional relationship between the sun, the moon, and the earth. Even if people have different ideas, the movements of heaven and earth are the same, and everyone lives the same day. We live a limited life with something like the law of time, but first of all , I think that following the movement of the earth is a natural way for living things.

A time of equal year for all living on earth. I pray from the bottom of my heart that it will be a valuable year for everyone who has acquired it .

Kaichi Sugiyama

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