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The feeling of eating = that is also ART.


The feeling of eating = that is also ART.


Food is not only a necessary item for living, but also a luxury luxury item, but it is always in the middle of our lives.

Now, the desires and ways of thinking about food that surround us are still more chaotic and diversified.

If you broaden your senses, you will see new values and truths.

If you become stupid, there is a big pitfall.

Let's grab a part of eating while feeling.


Nao Masaki


8.17 sat.  Eat in the imaginary world

"The garden  Imaginary Garden"  

A place to "eat" , which is both a cafe and a bar . 12: 00-21: 00 (LO20:00)

Derek Jarman's Garden, Le Cyclop's Garden, Jean Cocteau's Garden, Claude Monet Water Lilies' Garden

There are artists who make gardens in their later years. To find your true whereabouts. There are natural winds, lights, water, scents, and seasonally changing plants in the area. Emotions, prayers, and feelings that spring from the landscape. Then, complete each of your own whereabouts = The garden. A one-day secret garden created by thinking about the dream place of such artists. "Conversation", "sound", and "food" in a special place. Alone, with friends, with loved ones ...

shoo22 / Nagoya ,   Flower Noritake / Nagoya, petite Marie / Aichi, Machiko Kawada / Nagoya, 3+ / Nagoya


Food book "meets the story"

We are planning exhibitions and selecting books mainly in Kansai. The theme this time is "food". Vegetables and processed products that someone makes for someone, dishes that someone makes for someone, a table that surrounds someone with someone, smiles, impressions, and joy that are born from them. I can see my sincerity. Connect. I would like to express the charm of "food" that is born from various angles without being particular about one category through books. AURORA BOOKS / Osaka


8.18 sun. Food and life

"Kuruminoki, a store for living"   It has been 30 years since it was rooted in the land of Nara. We have proposed a comfortable life by creating spaces such as cafes, hotels, and galleries. We continue to introduce better products by connecting with producers and writers from all over Japan. There are always people in the background of things. We hope that the walnut tree will continue to value the role of connecting from the "maker" to the "user". This time, we will mainly deliver products produced together with local Nara producers. looking forward to.

Kuruminoki / Nara exhibition schedule list: Karinto from Nara, cookie from Yamato, medicinal food, chopped board of Yoshino 桧, mosquito net dough cloth, kudzu sweets from Yoshino, tomato ketchup, original jam, honey from Tsukigase _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ etc.


8.19 mon. FOOD & ART

Lunch Workshop "Edeburu Colorful: Eat Color"

A new world of art and food by Masayo Funakoshi , where you can enjoy ingredients in color .


KILN Masayo Funakoshi / Kyoto

From an early age, he has turned his kitchen into his own laboratory, making family and friends tired and sometimes happy. Majored in sculpture at Pratt Institute, NY. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education, enter the world of cooking. After working at Blue Hill, Union Pacific and WD50 in NY, he traveled all over the Pacific as an exclusive chef for Australian surf brands. After working as an Executive chef at Hotel Tandjung Sari in Bali, he is now a Chef / Director at kiln in Kyoto. Edible Landscape is being implemented all over the world as part of activities that combine art and food, which are the original fields.


8.21 wed. Food Workshop

"FOOD: Eat the climate" Aichi-Gifu's local cuisine

FOOD is a climate. It is a workshop to learn traditional cooking methods and the wisdom of ancestors while taking a peek at the local climate and culture from the local cuisine that is unique to each. At the workshop, we will introduce local dishes and arranged dishes using local vegetables. Comes with a cooking recipe.


Oishii Works Misa Sato / Nagoya

Atelier Oishii Works is an atelier of design and photography of "food" and "living". With the theme of "connecting people through food and living," we aim to create simple, high-quality products while creating connections between people.


"A certain full moon feast" that traces the memory

Serving that begins with the sound of a "voice" that evokes an indigenous sense. Receiving life to eat only in the candlelight, a solemn moment. The full moon tonight. Now, a feast that traces a distant memory begins.

Rama / Shizuoka Rama is a transformation center for the future that reconsiders traditional handicrafts that are forgotten with the times and people's friendships and connects them to a new generation. And a place to think about the lives and ways of life of pure and strong people with a human touch. We provide vegetarian dishes that are particular about the ingredients, and sell natural farming vegetables and rice grown without pesticides and fertilizers. We sell foods and seasonings made without additives, miso and salt made by traditional methods.


8.22 thu. Sweets time

Vegan sweets made from high-quality ingredients that are kind to the body, mind and the earth. A vegan, macrobiotic-style sweet that uses luxuriously safe organic ingredients one by one without using white sugar, eggs, dairy products, or animal products. We also use plenty of self-cultivated pesticide-free fruits.

Organic Vegan Sweets Azusa Tanaka / Gifu A coffee shop using home-roasted coffee and homemade syrup. On the day of the event, we will prepare a special menu tailored to organic vegan sweets that does not use milk or honey. Cafe Kurokawa / Nagoya

Vineyard story BIO wine tasting party

I went to France in search of wine that I was satisfied with. I came across a delicious wine around France. "What is the original appearance of wine?" While tasting six types of wine made with respect for nature, you will feel the essence of the wine along with the producer, the vineyard, and the background and story of the wine. ..

WINE PLAZA MARUMATA / Nagoya In June 2000, I went to France to close the liquor store that had been running for 10 years and pursue more wine specialty. I have been traveling all over France for two and a half years and visited all the wine producing areas. Meet the wine producers and carefully examine the background of these wines as "wine culture" while living in the area. From that, I feel what wine should be. Returned to Japan in 2003. Reopened a small wine shop for two couples in Imaike (French wine only). Import the "original wine" that the owner thinks. This year's 10th anniversary.

8.23 fri.  24 sat. Small screening A delicious and inspirational documentary film "Recipe for Revival"

The native crop (Zairaisakutsutsu), which the growers themselves manage and protect the seedlings, has been passed down to the region for generations. However, because it yields less than improved crops and is vulnerable to disease, it has not been evaluated in the market and many have disappeared. Chef Masayuki Okuda of "Yamagata Italian" "Al Chécciano" who shed light on the existence of native crops with his own cooking method in such an era. The dishes that make use of the unique taste, texture, and aroma of vegetables include fresh seafood and meat, as well as the local climate and stories. In addition, Professor Hiroaki Egashira, who studies grilled field farming, is convinced that native crops that have "value only here" will be a trigger for regional regeneration. Further protagonists are the farmers who spare no effort and continue to protect the seeds. By feeling that smile and spirit, the charm of casual daily life looks a little different, and the "Revival Recipe" is full of charm.


8.25 sun. Food market Pesticide-free vegetables and selected ingredients, etc.

There are 13 wonderful shops filled with essence .

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