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Nazuki Sano

Lines and ticks


A line that hides one's fragility and inner fierceness. Facing, immersing, innocent, quiet moments born.


The charm of Nazuki Sano's prints. There is a moment when a single plate and a depth that cannot be thought of as paper are projected.

Time-lapsed things that she was attracted to and never stopped ...

Decayed walls, falling pebbles, chipped vessels, dry pieces of wood. The depth of only the passage of time, she reluctantly tries to reflect it in her work. Of course, there will be no end to that attempt. Did he realize that he was fascinated by such things?


It may not be what the artist intended, but I am surprised to find her momentary "time" in the works of the dangerous equilibrium.


Time and time.

The act of carving a line on the plate must be every moment as time goes by. The writer is selfless and keeps ticking the time inside himself.

Looking at Natsuki Sano's work, I remember that living was like that.


Nao Masaki


Nazuki Sano


1970 Born in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture

1992 Graduated from Nagoya Junior College of Art and Design, Department of Printmaking

1992-1994 Enrolled in print studio moku, travels to Asian countries

1995-1998 Assistant, Printmaking Laboratory, Nagoya Junior College of Art and Design

1997 2nd Nishiwaki Sam Hall Grand Prize Exhibition (Okamotoyama Museum, Nishiwaki City)

1998 4th Sapporo International Contemporary Print Biennale (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art)

1999 48th Toyota City Art Exhibition (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art)

  8th Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art Print Award Exhibition (Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art)

2000 Received the 49th Toyota Municipal Art Exhibition Encouragement Award (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art)

2002 Stayed in Denmark, produced and presented, and worked as a special lecturer.


-Holding solo and group exhibitions mainly in Aichi since the 1990s.

  Announced in Denmark, Sweden, Egypt and France from 2000.

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