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Nanako Kaji

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The appearance of facing the material of soil sincerely seems to be trying to embody the world of expression freely, in response to the natural appearance of human beings. However, on the stage of today's earth where there are many changes and contradictions, this one potter continues to challenge the work of looking inside himself more straightforwardly.

At one time, in the local soil, and at another time in the foreign climate that I visited, Kaji Nanako's attempts continued. We, who come from time to time, have a feeling that we will be able to see the world seen from this place through the scenery of her dialogue.


Nao Masaki

Early summer 2013


Nanako Kaji

Graduated from the Department of Ceramics, Kyoto City University of Arts in 1976.

1980 Art Now '80 (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art)

1981 Solo Exhibition (Tsu Gallery, Osaka)

1992 Published "Ceramic vol.44 Kaji Naeko" (Kyoto Shoin)

2003 Solo Exhibition (Sanchudo, Tokyo)

2005 Solo Exhibition (Naufu, Gifu)

2006 Shigaraki Ceramics Forest Artist-in-Residence Guest,

Invited production at the 4th International Ceramic Art Symposium (Kunsthaus 188, Germany)

2007 Solo Exhibition (Yamahon, Iga City)

Fascinated in 2008 ・ ・ ・ Japanese ceramic art exhibition that is attracting attention now (Shiga Prefectural Ceramic Art Forest, etc. touring Shizuoka, Tokyo, France, USA)

Solo exhibition (Nanorium, Fujiyoshida),

Solo exhibition (Gallery Kai, Kobe),

Invited production of the 8th Kohira International Ceramic Art Symposium (Kohira, Estonia)

2009 Solo Exhibition (Gallery Ao, Sendai)

From 1978 to the present, he continues to make presentations centered on solo exhibitions in various places.

"Far, Wind-Keeping Kaji Naiko" was held in January 2010 at Gallery NAO MASAKI.

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