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Solar system space-time map Earth calendar


2013.4.6 -4.14 

A mirror that reflects the times, a compass of time


I think that human beings are special among living things.

We live with the intention of creating an era, creating a society, and orienting the future.

Perhaps the concept of "time" is a special feeling that only humans have.

Originally, the calendar is created from the movement of nature, but there is a creator in the calendar that is alive as a social order, and the system is intentional.

Nowadays, the Gregorian calendar is called the Christian era, but if it changes, there are various systems of time, and they change their shape with the times. So far, Japan has undergone nine major calendar reforms, the West has had one calendar reform from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, and China has had more than fifty calendar reforms along with politics. The transformation of the calendar means the innovation of the times, which has left a mark in history as a concrete manifestation of the evolution of human consciousness.


Today, with a world population of over 7.1 billion, networks can be instantly connected and physically reach the other side of the globe within 24 hours. We have finally grasped the macro-to-micro environment in which we are, from the large-scale structure of the galaxy to the fine structure of elementary particles, but this is the most dramatic scene in the history of the earth, which is the main story of the story. .. Compared to the life of the solar system, which is estimated to be about 10 billion years, the current 4.6 billion years is just half of life, and the sun and planets have matured, and the solar system is in full bloom from now on.


Today, the perceptual range reaches the universe while in the living room. The key to opening the door to a new era is for each of us to have a compass that sails in the universe, to use the tour of the stars as the hands of a natural clock, and to live in our own way in a large "circulation." It may be.

Nao Masaki

Takaaki Murase 

Collaboration artist: Replanter

From an early age, he has grown all kinds of plants, including bonsai. At the same time, get familiar with plastic models and games. Based on the idea of "microcosm" behind bonsai and garden making, we created "living object = Re: planter" that was combined considering compatibility with other artificial objects. Asking the consumer society, Kyoto proposes new methods and values for Recycle. This time, we will exhibit and sell the Space Colony series, a garden that floats in the air where lighting equipment and planting are integrated, as an installation.

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