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Solar system space-time map Earth calendar


To all who live in this era

The sun, a sphere of light that continues its journey for about 10.9 billion years while being blown by the wind of the galaxy.

4.6 billion years after the birth of the earth, the memory carved into the orbit of the spiral, now standing in the middle of the story, the Earth issue. Since ancient times, the calendar that reflects the movement of the heavens and the earth has been alive in that era and breathed in society. Mesopotamia with Iran-Iraq that created the timekeeping method, the ancient Chaldea of the shepherd who made a constellation by bundling the heavenly sheep. Sumer, which established the sexagesimal system, Babylonia, which built the ziggurat for advanced astronomical observation, the Roman Empire, which became the discipline of society and permeated, and the Vatican, which established the status of the modern calendar.

There are various beliefs and calendars in the world such as the Jewish calendar, the Hindu calendar, the Tibetan calendar, and the Islamic calendar. Also, the Maya calendar, which is highly polished in the jungle, and the lunar calendar countries such as Japan. And the "clock" is further subdivided into one second, and the accuracy is changed from a quartz clock to a cesium atomic clock, and even at this moment, it rides on radio waves and rings the bell of time to society.

Now, accuracy is more established than nature, and we are born in "time."

What is time?


Each person has one universe (Sora) and lives as the sun (human) in this galaxy (Uz).


Since ancient times, the Japanese have valued life based on the calendar, such as the phases of the moon and the energy saving.

I knew that life activity (life) is the art of living in harmony with nature by letting the sun and the moon convey the changing seasons and incorporating them into our daily lives. The basics of the earth calendar are the same as the previous calendars, but the major difference is that you do not look up at the sun from above the earth, but you feel the present time from the perspective of looking at the earth from the sun. Let's take a broad and big view and feel the present by looking at the entire solar system while feeling the movement of the Earth and the movement of the planets that go around together. The earth calendar is free to use and feel.


To those who get this gift with love from the galaxy

The Earth calendar was created as a common recognition for us human beings to become one circle through the sun and live a new time in a new era. Originally, the calendar is a concept of time, which is thought of based on the natural cycle, but at the same time it is made by humans.

Water and light are all just there and given, just like free love. The grand theme of the Earth calendar is now "just there" for our children and the future of the earth, which transcends individual values and leads to the next era. As a person who lives in Japan, this work is independently produced and distributed free of charge. In addition, in order to continue production, we receive donations from the recipients of the works and distribute them to the next people.


I omit all personal names in the work and give it to you as a "gift".

I hope this intuitive art will lead to the next universe that begins with you.

Kaichi Sugiyama

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