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Chiyoko Tanaka

Rubbed fabric Passage to transparent infinity


When asked by a friend, "What are you weaving?", she said, "Weaving time."

Chiyoko Tanaka's work, which transcends the framework of textiles and textiles, was also exhibited at the Contemporary Japanese Textiles Exhibition ~ Structure and Surface held at the Museum of Modern Art in NY in 1998. It is highly evaluated.

This time, we will exhibit mainly the representative works from the Grind.d Fabric series that we have been working on since the 1980s. The dyed and woven cloth is rubbed on the ground with soil and bricks. The works, which consist of unique refrains that look like rituals, have a sophisticated composition as well as a primitive boldness .

In the gallery space, the rectangular works arranged vertically and horizontally are tranquil air, standing up like a passage that makes the time, the earth, and the activities of people go away from the time that has flowed calmly since long ago. Is drifting.

Nao Masaki



1965 Completed the Department of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts

<Solo exhibition>

1980 Box Gallery, Nagoya

1981 Gallery Gallery, Kyoto / '84 -'93, '95, '98, '02

1982 Sanshundou Gallery, Tokyo

1986 Beam Gallery, Kyoto

1987 Gallery Maronie, Kyoto

2002 Art Life Mitsuhashi, Kyoto / Wacoal Ginza Art Space, Tokyo

2003 Gallery NAF, Nagoya

<Main group exhibition>

1987 Contemporary and Ori Expression Exhibition (Spiral Wacoal Art Center, Tokyo) / '87 Art Selection Exhibition (Kyoto City Museum of Art, Kyoto)

1988 Art Now '88 (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Kobe) / 6th International Textile Triennale Exhibition (Udge Central Dyeing and Weaving Museum, Poland)

1992-'93 Kohyama and Tanaka Contemporary Ceramics and Textile Art from Japan (Princess Hoff Museum, Netherlands / Hamburg Museum, Germany 1993 Benno Premesela Collection Exhibition (Stederick Museum, Netherlands)

1993-'94 Focus on Fiber Art: Selection from the Growing 20th Century Collection (The Art Institute of Chicago, USA)

1996 Cinq Maginiens Textile du Japon Exhibition (Passage de Let's, France)

1996-'97 Textile Wizards from Japan Exhibition (Israel Museum, Israel)

1997 The 10th Wave: A Celebration of the Brown Grotta gallery's 10th Anniversary (USA)

1998-'01 Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles (Museum of Modern Art, St. Louis, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1999 Seventy Designers in Tribute to Izzika Gaon)

2000 Kyoto City University of Arts 120th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition (Kyoto City Museum of Arts, Kyoto / Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art, Ibaraki, Ibaraki)

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