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Megumi Yamamoto

And the moon sees me;


The world of Megumi Yamamoto's work is probably the world she sees, with no difference in size, texture, and tranquility.


In this exhibition, along with the work of "And the moon sees me; I see the moon", which is also the title, a series of recent works, "I see the moon, I see the moon" will be lined up.


A glimpse of Megumi Yamamoto's box garden-like world where the works have the rhythm of words in silence and seem to start moving secretly.


Strangely, the time goes beyond the new moon from Otsugomori.

It seems that 2012 will also have a mysterious start.

Nao Masaki



Megumi Yamamoto

1972 Born in Osaka

1993 Graduated from Nara College of Arts Information Design Course

1993-2010 Many solo and group exhibitions mainly in Kansai

1993 6th Art Performance <Rookie Award> (Ehime)

Ashiya City Exhibition <1996 Board of Education Award, 1997 50th Anniversary Award, 2002 Art Association Award> (Hyogo) '93 -'05

up Le ART Studio Exhibition <94-96 Honorable Mention Award> (Osaka) '94 -'96

1995 Western Painting 100 Wakayama Grand Prize Exhibition (Wakayama)

Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Kyoto City Museum of Art) '96 '97

International Hands-on New Three-dimensional Modeling Open Call Exhibition <2000 Excellence Award> (Aichi) '98 '00

1996 Tenri Biennale (Nara)

Ube Painting Biennale <Asahi Shimbun Award> (Yamaguchi)

1997 Kumagai Morikazu Grand Prize Exhibition (Gifu)

1998 REMISE-AKADEMI '98 Workshop (Denmark)


2002 Imaging the Book (Egypt) '05

2004 Art Base Naru Writer Exchange Exhibition (Osaka)

2005 "Ruins and Creation" Art Outdoor Exhibition (Osaka)

2006 gallerism 2006 "On-site!" (Osaka Contemporary Art Center / Osaka)

2010 "Three stories" gallery feel art zero (currently Gallery (currently Gallery NAO MASAKI) (Aichi)

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