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Nobuko Nishida

Nobuko Nishida's Aesthetics


"Things to be used = Things to be used" It is a real world that is established through "things" in a sense.

It changes to the world of sensibility from the time when "things" fascinate people. The area of sensibility and love that resembles the master-slave relationship of "the person who uses it and the thing that is used".

Which is the main and which is the subordinate?


From the moment I touched Nobuko Nishida's bag, I became captivated by the world view she created.


"Because I didn't have a favorite bag." Nobuko Nishida handles everything from designing to ordering leather processing to Florence and producing it.

The appearance of facing the deep material of the leather industry, touching it with compassion, and making it is like a prayer, and even the appearance of a ritual drifts.


"We make only one big tote bag from one life for one person."

Her attitude, which can be said to be a thorough aesthetic. Works that bring out reliable technique and sophisticated dignity are highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas.

It is now the only Asian plant to be awarded the title of 13 Brand Meisters in the world by the Italian Botanical Tannin Tanning Leather Association.


A quiet and strong flower-like bag with a neat and sophisticated look ... and the creator ... ..

Whether the flowers are fascinating or the maker is fascinating, this is a never-ending question.

Nao Masaki



Nobuko Nishida


Engaged in the exclusive import contract of British fashion brand Vivian Westwood, and engaged in marketing, licensing business and PR business for the brand. After taking a break from work in 2000, he learned to make leather. Started bag design and production, and established an atelier in 2005. May 2008 Opened Nobuko Nishida, a shop in Daikanyama. In 2009, it was selected by the Italian Botanical Tannin Tanning Leather Association as one of the 13 best leather brands in the world. The work was the subject of the Oliviero Toscani photo exhibition "Hand made in Italy", which represents Italy, and the exhibition toured the cities of NY, Tokyo, Milan, Florence, and Seoul.


The number of people who are fascinated by Nobuko Nishida's work, which brings out the aesthetics of the creator of the once-in-a-lifetime meeting, is increasing day by day.

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