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Ivana Sramkova


A few years ago, I first encountered Ivana Sramkova's glass works at a glass gallery in NY.

My eyes were instantly nailed to the shape with a frank and solid presence.


At the same time as being adorable, the form is heading for may seem unwittingly simple in this complex world.

However, she dared to choose these primitive motifs and continued to express the richness and splendor of life in the humorous animal form.

That's why her work now captures the hearts of many around the world.


At this exhibition by Ivana Sramkova, one of the leading artists of contemporary Czech glass, 17 animals including "Big Guardian Dog" will appear from the animal series produced from 2007 to 2008.


We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the realization of this precious exhibition, and we hope that many people will take a look.

Nao Masaki





1960: Born in Liberec, former Czechoslovakia

1985: International Exhibition of Students Works (Kobe, Japan)

1988: Czechoslovak Glass Artists at Glasmuseum Coburg (Germany)

The 13th Venice Biennale (Italy)

Students of Stanislav LIBENSKÝ at the Finnish Glass Museum

1991: Šrámková and Mašitová at Glass gallery Hittfeld (Germany)

1992: The 2nd Australian International Art Triennale at the Art Gallery of Western Australia

1995: Solo Exhibition at Selene Gallery (Prague, Czech)

1996: Venezia Aperto Vetro at Museo Correr (Venice, Italy)

1999: SOFA Fair (NY and Chicago, USA)

     Contemporary Czech Glass Sculpture at Castle Zdar n. Sazavou (Czech)

2003: Solo Exhibition at Jenštejn Gallery (Prague, Czech)

2005: Captured Light and Space-Czech Contemporary Glass Exhibition (Toyama, Japan)

2008: Glass Animals in Ise at Shoha Museum of Sarutahiko Shrine (Ise, Japan)

IVANA holds many exhibitions all over the world.



1988: Selected for Young Forms-International Crafts Trade Fair (Munich, Germany)

1991: Prague Glass Prize emerging artist award, Manes Gallery (Prague, Czech)




2011: Ivana Šrámková Exhibition

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