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Mitsugu Sato


When Mitsugu Sato's exhibition was held two years ago, many people who visited received many comments.

Certainly, I felt that a mysterious magnetic force was working in that "field".

And that time will come again.


He dropped out of Osaka University of Arts and was driven by an urge to go on a wandering trip from China to Asian countries with the lock of his apartment unlocked.

It is said that he wandered alive and dead many times and followed a journey like a relive of his previous life.

After returning to Japan, in 1998 he settled on the beach in Wakayama and started living.

For the first few months, he roosted on the eaves and rocks of a beach inn and gradually moved to a "house" with a roof and walls.


"What you need comes from the other side." Recalling the words that Aboriginal natives who travel the desert alone for centuries have said so, instead of working to buy art supplies, in front of them. I picked up the drifting objects that appeared in the picture frame and started to make a flat surface as the material of the frame.

Someday the picture frame begins to erode the painting, and the drifting objects make up the entire work.


"While picking up the drifting objects, I realized that I was the drifting objects," he says.

His style hasn't changed even now, when he lives in the crowds of the city, away from the beach. Pick up and create.

What we receive in what we have abandoned, in what we have abandoned, just keeps creating innocently.


Then, we are simply fascinated by the creation of the mysterious time, whether it was born or laid there all the time, just asking ourselves the answer.

Nao Masaki

In a sense, the image is everything

No matter how you imagine

We are free


I'm scared because of my freedom

Immediately draw the worst scenario

Because that is more real


I'm very small and very weak.

But in reality, this world is incredibly mysterious.

It's full of miracles that go far beyond us.


If you can believe it all

There is nothing impossible.


The image is free

And all

May 2006 Mitsugu Sato



Mitsugu Sato


1971 Born in Osaka 1992 Dropped out of the Department of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts 1994 Wandering from China to Asian countries, the United States, Latin American countries, etc.

1998 After moving to Wakayama City, resumed writing activities using drifting objects.

2005.5 1st solo exhibition iTohen, PANTALOON 2005.7 Traveling exhibition lim Art 2005.9 Special exhibition "I want the moon." SEWING TABLE COFFEE 2006.5 2nd solo exhibition iTohen

2006.9 Traveling Exhibition colonbooks 2006.11 Traveling Exhibition "Morning" SEWING TABLE COFFEE 2007.5 3rd Solo Exhibition "Waltz" iTohen 2007.7 Traveling Exhibition Morioka Shoten

2009.5 4th solo exhibition PANTALOON 2009.9 Traveling exhibition gallery feel art zero 2010.4 Yamazato art tour "Kitemin! Okumikawa Art Forest" 2010.5 5th solo exhibition iTohen

2010.6 Art Court Frontier 2010 # 8 2011.1 Group Exhibition Natural Midwifery MAIEUTIKE Wild Creation Bakurocho ART + EAT 2011.5 6th Solo Exhibition iTohen

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