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Megumi Yamamoto

Three stories


Box art without residents, with three fantastic stories.

Megumi Yamamoto's box-shaped work has an entrance where fantasy and reality intersect.
It's not just her own fantasy drama, it's more like a "device" that invites ourselves to the distortion (= interval) of the real space that was suddenly created by the scattered worlds of boxes.
… It's just like getting into the fantasy world of a book I was reading when I was a child.

This time, "HOTEL GOAST" and "Uro no Niwa", which have been produced and announced since 2006.
And, including the new work of "WHAT DID I DREAM?" With the theme of "Mother Goose's song",
Three stories unfold.
I would like you to enjoy it quietly and secretly by yourself as if you were unraveling a mysterious story.


Nao Masaki


1972   Born in Osaka, JAPAN

1993   Graduated from Nara College of Arts, information Design Dept. 

1993-2010 Solo & Group Exhibitions.

<Selected Group Exhibitions>   

1993   "6th The Art Performance Graphic & Object" / LaforetHARAJYUKU MATUYAMA, Ehime

        "Ashiya City Exhibition" Art and History, Hyogo '94 ~ '2005

        "Apple Art Studio Exhibition" 95 '96

1995   "Paintings100 Wakayama Grand Prix Biennnale" / Wakayama Prefectural Cultural Hall, Wakayama

        "Contemporary Art Exhibition" Municipal Museum of Art '96 '97

        "In Our Hand"  '98 '2000

1996   "Tenri Biennale" / Nara, Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka

        "Ube Art Biennale"

1997   "Kumagai Morikazu Grand Prix Contest" / Fuchi Cultural Plaza, Gifu

1998   "REMISE-AKADEMI '98 Work Shop" / Denmark


2002   "Imajining the Book'" / Bibliotheca Alexandoria, Ezypt  '05

2004   "International Exhibition from ArtBaseNULL" / Arai House, Yamada House, Osaka '05 ~ '10

2005   "REMAINS meet CREATION / Kaieji historic site, Osaka

2006   "gallerism2006" / Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka

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