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Lintalow Hashiguchi

2021. 4.10(sat) - 4.25(sun)

open : 13:00 - 19:00

close : Tuesday・Wednesday

Meet the Artist 4/10(sat),11(sun)

"The Act Of Wording On Paper"


The overflowing words and overwhelming presence of Lintalow Hashiguchi's scribbling always seem to be slamming around on the paper instead of moving smoothly. The words, the letters born from the fragments of Hashiguchi's thoughts, keep moving and changing every day. They must be born in an instant, but they are based on the accumulation of thoughtfulness that is written in his notebooks day after day. What exactly is a thought, anyway? This time, too, with the thought of words as the axis, we move back and forth freely between thousands of years ago and thousands of years in the future. The process is like tracing a grand fiction, or a ridiculous delusion.However, if human beings continue to acquire the technology of a new civilization at the  consequence of their thinking, we would not be here today without the traces of the written word, and so Rintaro Hashiguchi confronts the present with own physical.  This year's exhibition will feature works from the "ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO 2020," which was canceled just before the media event due to COVID-19 , as well as the "MINOR MAKER," an entity that alchemically handles the legacy words of the past in a world 1000 years in the future, and the latest series called "The Man from AMAZON. The latest series and others will appear. The way he writes with a towel on a large piece of paper and the lightness of his writing with a pencil on drawing paper. It seems to me that he is still trying to evolve his "words" today, using the latest analog yet sensitive symbols and the most familiar things as his medium and prescription.

Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki


For online viewing and inquiries, please visit our ARTSY gallery

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