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Blue x Blue 2020

2020.12.5 sat --12.25 fri

Kazumi Tsuji (Glass) ​, Tadashi Kanamori (Enamel), Yu Kawai (Candle), Kayo Miyashita (Mobile), shino (Choker), suzusan (Stall), Etsuko Sonobe (Jewelry), Enamel (socks)

2020 is an unforgettable year for everyone. Until now, I couldn't go to places I could take for granted, and I couldn't meet the people I wanted to meet. Everyday life changed into extraordinary in a blink of an eye. However, I believe that human beings will surely learn and regenerate something from here. I made this tree with such a prayer.

Kazumi Tsuji


In the pandemic, it felt like the hands of clocks around the world had stopped. But time still doesn't stop. Meanwhile, at the request of Midland Square, a commercial facility in front of Nagoya Station, Kanazawa's glass writer Kazumi Tsuji + factory zoomer was damaged or chipped and became unusable with hope for a new world. The reclaimed blue project, which melts the glass and regenerates it as a new value, has created a large blue Christmas tree. A collection of large and small plates and bowl ornaments made of glass that resemble leaves creates a large symbol as large as 5m, and after Christmas, the small bowls are the time of people's new life. It becomes a part and keeps ticking. It's like a prayer to a new world and a message.

With such a special Christmas art tree installation, I would like to celebrate the new time by collecting various blues of artists who cherish each time and make things at the gallery. We would appreciate it if you could come along with the opportunity to see the tree in front of Nagoya Station. If you haven't come yet, you can also join us at the online store. What kind of time will we have next year in 2020, which has given us many indelible scratches and notices?

Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki


Kazumi Tsuji / Glass

After graduating from California College of the Arts, he established the glass studio "factory zoomer" in 1999. Designing and producing with the aim of setting a new standard for glassware. On the other hand, as an artist, he expresses the distortions and dangers of everyday life. Curated an activity (another movement) to root art in the town of Kanazawa. Until now, he has exhibited and announced his works in Japan and overseas in a unique style that does not stick to established genres. 2005 Opened the directly managed store "factory zoomer / shop". 2008 "Daily Life-Kazumi Tsuji Works" Azusa. 2009 Kanazawa City Cultural Activity Award. From 2010 to 2016, he was the director of the Life Crafts Project. 2012 ~ 16 Served as the general director of "Life Craft shoplabo Monotohito" in Hirosaka, Kanazawa. 2016 Opened "factory zoomer / gallery". Exhibitions are held all over Japan, Seoul, Taipei, Europe, North America, etc.


Masaki Kanamori / Enamel

Born in Nagoya in 1975. Raised in a family that runs the steel industry, after graduating from university, while living in Tohoku, he encountered iron work while visiting blacksmiths and makers nationwide. In 2003, he became a disciple of Mr. Nobuo Matsuoka, an iron modeler. He has a workplace in Nagoya in 2007. Started making architectural hardware and living tools, and held exhibitions at galleries nationwide.


Yu Kawai / Candle

Started making candles in 2002. Held in various places such as stage decorations and workshops with the theme of lights. He is engaged in many fire-themed activities such as solo exhibitions and live performances.

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Etsuko Sonobe / Jewelry

Graduated from Musashino Art Junior College, Department of Craft Design. Since then, he has been involved in the product development of corporate products as a designer, and has developed his own jewelry brand "etsuko sonobe". In addition, he continues to produce contemporary jewelery and presents his works at solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and art fairs in Japan and overseas. Major exhibitions include "ORNAMENTA 1" at the Pforzheim Museum and "Jewelry Now, Transformational Objects" at the National Crafts Museum in Tokyo. His works are stored in the National Museum of Sctottland, The Marzee collection, etc. Etsuko Sonobe is based in Tokyo and has participated in many international exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc. As a leading artist in the contemporary jewelry industry in Japan, he has been highly acclaimed both at home and abroad.


shino / choker

Born in 1961. He has been involved in glass since 1980 and studied at Pilchuck Glass School in the United States. After that, he established the studio ARTHOLIC with his friends. After working at Miasa Workshop and GLASSWORK magazine, he has lived in the Czech Republic since 1992. The production was suspended for a long time, but the activity will be resumed after the symposium in Slovakia in 1995. Currently, he mainly produces jewelry made of beads. Days to go back and forth between Czech Republic and Japan. Main collections_Prague National Museum of Decorative Arts (Czech Republic), Northern Bohemia Museum (Czech Republic)


Himukashi himukashi / socks

Produced by Higashide Yuki and Mariko. In 2010, he set up an atelier and shop in Meguro and started "Himukashi". Production begins with material planning and is assembled based on clothing design (pattern) technology. The simple structure that can be folded and folded to bring out the characteristics of the material and the design that looks fun to everyone are like origami, and are widely used not only for clothes but also for glasses, shoes, socks, and bags.


suzusan / stall

A fashion brand that started from a stall established in Germany in 2008 by Hiroyuki Murase, the fifth generation of Suzusan Shoten, which has been operating Arimatsu Narumi Shibori, a dyeing technique that has been handed down in Arimatsu, Nagoya for over 400 years. Announcing a collection that combines the tradition and modern elements of "Arimatsu Shibori". The collection was announced at Paris from 2012 and at Milan Fashion Week from 2014, and now it provides squeezed fabrics for haute couture and expands the range of activities such as collaboration with top domestic and foreign maisons. From the selection of fabrics to the design, the designer himself goes to the factory and search for materials, thoroughly pursues the finest materials, and designs beyond the boundaries of traditional crafts, mainly in the world's top maisons and Europe. It is also attracting attention from highly sensitive select shops.


Kayo Miyashita / Mobile

Create mobiles using paper and wire. The light and beautiful shape of the paper creates a unique view of the world with the atmosphere of the space. Born in Nagoya in 1964. After graduating from the Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts in 1985, he received numerous awards such as the International Craft Exhibition, starting with the Takaoka Craft Competition. Active in solo and group exhibitions nationwide.

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