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Beginning soil

Kim Hono

2020.9.11 --9.28 

"I feel like it's starting, and I'm making new soil right now."

The feelings I was wondering about when I received the words of Mr. Kim Hono, who sticks to the way of life as an artist, disappeared.

I haven't been able to plan an exhibition for a long time, but at this time, I feel like I was waiting for this feeling.


I received a message saying, "Come to see it. It's baked." And visit the atelier in the mountains while restraining motivation. There was a form in which Mr. Kim went to his heart honesty, warmth, quietness, but with a hot amount of heat inside. "I want to make something that can only be done now. It's simple, but I want to create a feeling that is born from the soil." Kneading, rolling, and groping for something contained in the soil. It was like trying to explore the primitive act of dealing with soil. And release one person's identity as a human Kim Hono.


We accumulate and trace our feelings and the heat that we generate. Grasp the feeling of writhing and the overflowing shape. When I touched it, I felt the lid of my heart pop open. Then people will surely follow the beginning time together ... I was even more convinced when I took care of the work and finished shooting and the photo was made. I am deeply prepared for the exhibition at the gallery for the first time in a few months, thinking of the photographers, designers, and those who will be connected here or through the sky. Kim Hono's fascinating beginning soil time is right there.


Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki

Kim Hono

Born in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture in 1985

After completing the Aichi Prefectural Ceramics Higher Vocational Training School, worked for the Kamamoto in Seto.

Held many solo and group exhibitions in Japan and overseas

Many awards such as Japanese Ceramics Exhibition, Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition, Kazuo Yagi Award Ceramics Exhibition, Asahi Ceramics Exhibition, China-Japan International Ceramics Exhibition, International Ceramics Festival Mino, Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition, Chosan Award Ceramics Exhibition



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2017 White | Black Blanc Noir

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