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Knitting-At Kuwana / MARUYO HOTEL-

Rokansai Iizuka, Koichi Uchida, Hiroto Nakanishi, Seikichi Hasegawa

2020.8.20 --8.23 

A long time ago, people traveled from Atsuta to Kuwana, the entrance to Ise no Kuni (it is the region where the gods live in), across the sea from Atsuta. It is the same as Misogi to be shaken between the waves. The first torii that stands facing the sea on the way to Shichiri is also the first torii of Ise Jingu shrine, and the torii of Ujibashi in the inner shrine will be relocated at the same time as the ceremony. Yes, this is the road leading to Ise both now and in the past. .. ..


I was involved in the renovation of an old private house of an old lumber dealer in Kuwana, which was revived as a hotel at the summer solstice. It was a mysterious experience of thinking about the house, thinking about people, thinking about the city, and thinking about the time and culture that passed in the past.


In the summer of 2020, I decided to hold an exhibition in this space-time that was born in the old and new, with a little change in the blank time that was completely empty. The theme is "knitting". From the bamboo basket collection knitted by the old people and selected by the connoisseurs. And the works created by contemporary artists with the same theme are lined up in the hall.


We hope that you will enjoy the time that the work and space are knitted.



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